Sabah (Gaya Street)

Hello. I was suppose to edit the video and put it all up one shot then I realise that - I am not a videographer -.- However for most of the climb I recorded in video and I was annoyed by me haha you just got to wait to see it.

Anyhow, we woke up the next morning after the disturb sleep because of the motors. It is really cool place to stay because it is weekend market (well not like chatuslakjdfkjc-cak in thailand) But still the noise of hustling will eventually wake you up.

Since it is 'bed and breakfast' We had our breakfast in the hostel. It was stupid decision. Because it was bread and maggi.

We stayed somewhere above the Agro Bank on the right block

And of course Gaya street is just like any regular Pasar, just very nice and still calm and relaxing (no live stock slaughter kinda market)

Because they sell adorable bunnies.... weee so cute..... eee

And they sell this. I wish we hadn't eaten breakfast.

After walking around i mean almost the whole of the market, we went back upstairs to chill while waiting for Joe (Oh yea he stayed with his mom fyi). And of course what do we do without internet in our lives right? I tried to stay off it but they got to work also la poor thing.

Since it was Sunday we ought to you know go church =) This is the most bizzare service I attended. The power went OFF I mean blackout for a total of I don't know 7-8 times. Yet the people there are used to it. It seems that it is quite normal for that area.

After service we went to this place supposingly good for their fish head and various stuff

Yeah that looks good? It was seriously not bad la

And their mee was good too.

Anyway! yes after some dili deli we finally gather our supplies food and stuff went to the bus station but no bus going there after sorting out we decided to go by this van which is cheap. LOL so yes we are heading to KINABALU PARK


Joleen said...

nice food ;)

fangz said...

konice braces MWAHAHAHHA

fangz said...

what is that KO!! knsz

euniceta said...

Hey, I was visiting the same church on the 6th of July. My team summited Mt Kinabalu on the 4th of July.