The Super models Porters of Kinabalu

edit: opps porters not portals (they don't open like gate... although, that can be argued). I am too lazy to change the text in the photos for now. Thanks GG

Ok The climb. Yes the climb. I don't really want to post photos on it because I think it is better in video and yes it is usually slow when I had to work on it. So I shall post about this 1st.

You see, Mount KK isn't really like a comfortable place to access to like Genting Highlands. Climbers will have to make a stop at "Laban Rata" before continuing the journey to the peak the very next morning. And "Laban Rata" is 6KM from the beginning of the trail.

And no, the place is not like camping tents or some poorly maintain place. I am very surprise that the level of complexity of that place. Sure it is basic design but it is very well maintain unlike many resorts in KL.

They have like computers of course for their own usage, huge kitchen area with chefs (almost like Teppanyaki setup) and what nots. They even had electronic LEDs to tell you the temperature which totally left me stupefied. I thought it would be just erm... thermometer.

This (comfort) however, did not appear out of nowhere. A helicopter trip would cost Rm13k per trip. So the company decided that using porters are cheaper since there are people willing to work. And so everything was carried up via porters. Let me introduce to you the super porters!

Ok. this is the easiest job actually, carrying bags. The guy on the right is Felix. He is our mountain guide as well. However because of the shortage of portal, he carried our bag which is like about 15KG. Check out his foot ware.

This is the 1st portal I talked to on the way up.

Me: Bang ni berapa KG?
Him: Ni, lebih kurang 50KG.
Me: 50? Berat tu
Him: Ah boleh la. Perlahan lahan sampai

Yes. Well, he is more than 50 years old. I guessing he had been carrying things for more than 30 years. This is totally insane. needless to say, he reached before we did -.-

Yes we do need gas for cooking, and using it for the heater. I know this is nothing compared to 50KG but still try carrying it and see!

This is interesting. Because the wires are too long so they actually split it to 4 person. Like train. One stop all have to stop.

Yep that should be the roof I assume. Man do they need to carry every single thing???

I suppose so...

Regretfully, there are more porters which I did not photograph because after a while, you just look at them stupefied. There you are. Why you paying so much to climb the mountain? It is because these people depend on you for income. I don't think they are paid well by the way.

Oh yea our guide, Felix, and most of the portal and guides, after bringing us up to Laban Rata, goes back down. They do not stay in Laban Rata because it cost them a whoopoing amount of RM15...... O_o???? The best part is, he has to be back at Laban Rata at 2.30am the next morning. I rather pay the Rm15. But of course these people are speedy gonzales. And probably this mountain is like Bukit Gasing to them. Hah!


Joleen said...

yayea yea. i saw lots in nepal too

i saw one person carry a sofas, fridge n etc.....

GG said...

Eh, it's porter la. Not portal. Lol. they don't open up like a gate do they?