Sabah night life

Wait! Sabah no night life one... or so we thought.

Wait! Christine isn't flying...

Ok we were really bored at the airport. I got my pink gay shirt and joe has got his gay bag throughout the trip. What to do? pose with it lor.

I miss flying in the day. I have been flying at night for a long time already and I miss the time where looking out and seeing clouds. Ok ok flying at night cheaper...

And so we reached Sabah @ i guess was close to 1am when we checked out and as soon as we did, Joe's mom came and picked us up. Joe then drove it to a nearby beach in look for food. But we found NOTHING so we took some photos

The beach really call beach1 got beach2 and beach3 which we did not take

Anyway, we drove around in look for food and decided to not eat them because everywhere is close by now... or so we thought... We finally pass by some shop with a lot people and decided to stop there for food. It is like our mamak filled with people...

It is a chinese shop famous for porridge!!! yep and that's what we ate for supper. Actually everyone pretty much liked it in Sabah I guess because the place is packed at 1:30am

We ordered chicken and fish porridge but I guess there is no point showing both as they both look the same XD however the taste is really different and yes it is delicious

Confirm delicious because it is so delicious that Jennifer is smiling at her porridge? I bet she'll argue that she'll only eat porridge in Sabah at How Lee

So after that we just went to our hostel and check in. This is the 1st time I am staying in backpackers lodge. I have never backpack before though I always wanted to.

The place is really different from what I thought it will be. In fact, it is nice (at least the lobby is) with free computer and internet wifi... A few angmos are there drinking beer while watching national geography channel? OKOK but this place reminds me of bali kinda feel.

We then settle in at 2AM. This is me and Aaron's room.

It is very noisy at night and sleep is hard to come by. Main road + racers + hollow building + cement floors = bad sound acoustic. Nevertheless we manage to catch some sleep till the next day.


fangz said...

the porridge looks nice!

Felicia said...

joe can really look like a gal. with that pose...