Air Asia food

Yea we all know that flying Air Asia means it is budget cheapo traveling style. What to do? Not so wealthy chaps like us have to use Air Asia lor.

Of course they are smart la give you cheap price but other things charge expensive 99 like 'xpress boarding' allows you go up the plane earlier, Insurance, baggage check in now also have to pay soon the toilet on board also have to pay.

And of course one of their biggest sell out revenue is FOOD! everyone needs food especially when you're like 10,000 ft off the ground you'll feel hungry and unable to live any longer without food. When I 1st took Air Asia I abstained myself from such ridiculous price RM6 for cup of maggi Rm3 for a bottle of water hmm.

However recent times has change and more people begin buying food and thus they have to prepare it on spot and thus the spell of the smell... THE AGONY of starring at other people food and not able to eat them means...

"excuse me can I have the 1901 hotdog?"

Oh Aaron Jenn Joe ordered Nasi Lemak which I think i won't enjoy it much so I ordered 1901 Hotdog which it seems to be a new dish onboard. Debbie however resisted the temptation.

That's mine it is quite a hotseller too cause I was the last one to buy it.

Of course we all got cheated by ads. Look at how small it is! my gosh... I demand an explanation. I paid RM7 for this wei. However the hotdog is very hot and I expected it to mushy and soggy since you know they came from 1901 factory. But not quite because everything came like packed differently

It came with the manual and all I have to do is follow it step by step. That means that they come with the ingredients separated... AWESOME! note: John usually don't really like following the book...

Not bad lor got relish somemore. Heinz tomato, mayonnaise oooooo ahhhhhhh

Next you need to open your hotdog of course and find the bread all smashed up. Haha what you expect? Just like that ramli outside sell for RM2 haha...

I then used my culinary arts skills to skillfully decorate it and put according to the manual that they supplied. To skip the agony of me putting it one by one, I shall show you the final product.

Nice right? It could have been nicer but unfortunately the plane went into horrific turbulence going through rain and storm and there was blackout while I prepare my hotdog thus it looks like that lor. See even the picture is blurred because of shooting it while the lights went off and the plane shook.

Next all you need to do is eat lor what else to do? Haha It tasted superb alright. Actually by the time I prepare this already they finish their nasi lemak and my hotdog is half cold. But it is nice nontheless. The hotdog is FAT and juicy... mmmm mmmmm plus the mayonnaise and ketchup oh heaven! Oh the ZING the ZING...

I rate it 8/10 so next time you fly Air Asia, just go for 1901 and ignore the rest of the menu (just kidding)


fangz said...

adjust the color lar for the hotdog pic. not vibrant enough doesnt look very appetizing lar

Anonymous said...

Apparently their nasi lemak and roti canai are both pretty good too