Bali Part+1

Alright, I shall reblog this with my super old pics taken on film. Sigh. no good scanner so yea this is the best I could go hehe

Alright I did blog about Bali before which you can see from here >>> click <<< Just refer la. For now I'll just blog the 1st half of the 1st day because I am lazy now lol

Now, I did mention that my mom booked the wrong hotel and we're totally stranded in some kind of resort somewhere far from the airport (3 hours drive) and the famous KUTA beach So we got there (resort) pretty late like 11pm like that and pretty much ate something somewhere (can't remember) then went to bed in the resort. I wasn't felling well during the whole trip.

But the next morning we book a tour from the Hotel and roam around Bali's inland like famous places that normal people won't go... haha

So this is actually what it looks like inland, paddy paddy paddy, really a lot of them lor. They must have love rice a lot

1st stop for our tour is the waterfall. yea we have to hike inward like any other waterfall. But the sight is absolutely amazing. The waterfall is HUGE. I mean seriously tall. You just got to wait for that...

Along the way you see shops selling you stuff. ALOT shops lor. And they like you bargain with them.... opening sales = good luck so go in the morning, expect you to get good cheap stuff while kena bombared.

Tada I love this shot very much... So natural la them

I then tried on their hat and that's when I got the taste of their persuading power. Now if you plan to travel to Bali, NEVER EVER GO NEAR the shops even to look unless you plan to purchase something. Else they'll stick to you like the moon stick to the earth.

More Paddys.

And behold... after a long long walk...

Sorry didn't put on a shirt because it was like raining from the place where I stand. The waterfall is really seriously huge and tall. I dare not go any closer because the power of the water was really powerful plus it is so cold and my whole body got wet by taking that pic. But then I look good right?

Our next destination after some driving was some kind of lake. I am not sure what lake is this, maybe I can google it and post it the next one

Yea It has a nice garden and a pura there.

That's it for now. I have no time to scan the pix la T.T Peace out

That's my mom (she insist that I take picture of her showing peace)
And so this is tobecontinued in the next post

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angeliCassie said...

i like the tarzan shottt so cool =) and haha your mum so cute wei hahaha..keep updating on Bali yea!