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I remember when I was young and still schooling, parents bribe you to study (now situation is much different)

Mom: you get straight A's la I buy you something what you want?
Me: I want SEGA
Mom: SEGA?

We all put our hope on Chong Wei on Sunday night for the badminton's final. I did not manage to watch the match but was really disappointed at the result. I had hopes on him to bring hope to Malaysia. Others are saying... 'you know how much pressure or not he facing?' 'then the crowd factor ler' then this then that 'give him some credit lah'

When asked why he only got SILVER, he only say 'Lin Dan is too quick, he has improved so much' of course that is better way of saying 'oh I did not really improve after the Thomas cup so I kinda slow la' To give him credit he did have silver so clap clap for you.

But how to improve Malaysia's scene where people just settle for the 2nd best everytime? I mean, yala I don't win gold I don't get RM1 million. I get silver only la also got RM300,000 plus datukship somemore. Why do we reward him (SO MUCH) when he did not get a gold? Motivation? 2nd best bribe? This is why Malaysian could not improve, sikit sikit kena spoil. Win something get money, win state championship get money.

Of course you can say Cari makan for sportsman, Look at EPL they all are paid by the millions and gazillions. Well, but they PERFORM! For Malaysians, yes money still motivates us, but it is not like we really have this mindset of working hard for it. We are very laid back. We want money but dowan work. If it was me, you give me RM300,000 I will not appear for training until there is a match coming up. What more, I am a Datuk wei.

So in the end it boils down to our culture again. Do we really strive to be the best or are bribes and 2nd best reward gonna keep us down? Do we have the motivation to get gold when we kept getting silver? Given a chance to play against Lin Dan, do we have the courage to not only play but hope for gold? All these are factors on why we cannot improve in sports. Yes.

Needless to say, being a real genius I am, I did only manage to get a single A. And thus end the story of bribe. I never got my SEGA in the end. I did not even get a silver prize of any kind. Not even a clap, but another year long of lecture.

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frachely said...

i agree with the malaysians are not proactive and competitive enough, it doesnt mean we have to be kiasu or what, but it's kinda like we are contented and think we are maju because we have klcc

but as for the olympics, one thing most ppl tend to overlook is the 'olympic spirit'. it's about being a part of it, persevere through the race even if you're losing, it's not only about winning. winning is important but u know what i mean lar. cheesy but thta's the spirit lar. many countries seem to focus on the wrong thing and invest lotsa money on their athletes or sports that has higher chance to score (-_-")

then again, not like i care about olympic lar.

p/s: but giving Datukship is a lil overboard (-_- ")