Ending Sabah

Alright. Sorry for not updating... Been sick and quite busily running around @_@

kkk Let's end this shall we... OK so here are some of the memorable pose of me on top of the mountain

See I got picture proof that I did reach KM 8 and was half dying.

The image behind the RM1 note...

We took another photo while we're at the foothill with our guide Felix... Yea we were all tad tired. So yes we went back at about 9pm then we ate seafood which my T2 battery died Haha (of course la shoot video sure die la)

Next morning, we woke up pretty late and wait for joe who was pretty late... We watch TV at our guest house and then we went here for breakfast. Aiya too many food to post so I just pose one la k

Tada... Taste quite good also...

we then went to Sutera Harbor and gotten ourselves ticketes to Manukan Island and did some snokerling with the jelly fishes. Haha SYOK! This is my 1st time Snokerlling btw. Even though the corals are X_X

K la didn't take snorkelling pics because they want to just go swim and not take picture -.-

Mau balik only want take...

Oh yea! I must superpoke something but I failed. I think the Island is Sayat Sayat

Then we Jalan Jalan around town then hop on the plane back di. This is the philipino market. Byk benda to eat here. Come here to eat their big big fresh fresh prawns and crabs very cheap also. Haha. Blessed la people in Sabah!

Anyway... there done! Let's go Bali next...


frachely said...


i tot u posted about Bali before ady?

:: J o h n :: said...

U are right. I did bali before. But I don't think I've posted any pictures up haha