Why the fuss??

Alright. You should have heard by now about the fake footprints fireworks that have been going around and people talking about it like a lot. But why the fuss? why make so much news about it? Clearly, this is a clear signs that people of the west have no clues what Chinese are made off.

China is absolutely not in good terms with the world (especially those with those we must protect all human group of people) with the Tibet cases and all and everyone want's to jump the gun and shoot China down with OH you torture the world please do not hold the Olympics and yada yada yada.

So now with the fake fireworks again people tries to jump on the gun and shoot China with all sorts of senseless finger poking fumes which I find it really funny. To be honest, China did reveal those secrets which makes you wonder why would they do that? They could have just shut up and let the whole world believe that all things China is good. And that makes people felt sick, kena cheated la kena bluff la one source even make a metaphor that goes like this.

"It's like having a nice meal and later been told there's a fly in it"

What the heck? Its just a nice CGI display of fireworks that is so real nobody thought it was fake except ME. Yes I knew it was fake. Although, it was mimic to the exact weather condition, Fireworks trail and sort, There's something not right about it - It is all too smooth As in the resolution absolutely contains no noise plus there's some heavy trafic with alot of cars somewhere along some road in that video (bet you didn't see that) So I knew it was all fake.

But I did not care whether it is fake or not. I just thought it looks AWESOME! Like hello? What's wrong with CGI? and what's wrong with throwing abit of multimedia in the middle of a presentation? I just don't get it. Even my colleagues are totally let down by what China did. So yes why the fuss?

Alright there's another fake. This time it involves the small little girl lip sync to a voice that is not hers. I was a little worked out that time because the small girls' voice face is not too nice to be infront of the camera. I thought that's a little unfair. But later I soon began to think that yea they did a right move to replace the girl and I thought she did awesome lip syncing to the voice I mean which kid would dare to do that? Infront of millions. And China did give credit to the voice anyway so yea again, why the fuss? As if Americans don't lip sync *Ahem Ashlee Simpson*

Afterall this is a directed movie. By world renown *Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon* Master Zhang YiMou himself so if he takes it as making a movie, shouldn't we audience take it, enjoy, get a coke and just watch the show?


melissa said...

agree! good one!

angeliCassie said...

me too =) woohoo bro john!