Happy birthday!

Wow, today marks the day of my 1st ever post in blogger. And no, It was not my 1st ever post ever... I started out blogging I think when I was around form 5. That time I wasn't using any of these blogging tools and I think they are quite unheard of so I blog hosting under my friend's account - Firey.org

Then I switch to xanga which holds my many memories during college and it is still there which probably you should not read it. It is so teenager like. Gosh.

Anyway then I switch to friendster and people kept complaining on how their inbox is always full of "blog updated" message so I decided to join the blogspot family. which still having my teenage rage post in the beginning and this is where it came to be my hideout and also my refuge but it is no longer so because many people are reading it. I am so glad I am not like famous or whatever you know... else it is gonna get rob even more. As I always belive you should always be responsible of what you write.

So there you go. 3 years of sticking with you blogger. Although I am very frustrated that why can't you make template editing easier instead like tumblr? This is so complicated. Yet again, I don't really know if you have notice this already but Google's stuff are always complicated. Like on You Tube you just don't know where to click to edit some stuff.

Anyway just a tribute to my bloggie this post. Happy 3rd Birthday! haha

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Joleen said...

happy bday! lol