Passion stops by Kuala Lumpur

By now you have already seen passion post in blogs everywhere and saying how good they are and all the nice things. The comments on 268 blog have grown to about 477 by the time I blogged about this. For me it is not about the concert, music that gets me like crazy (although I may have different opinion on Charlie Hall) But rather the movement of Passion how they trying to unite the world by them bringing people together like praying for the next city, giving to the next city, using Podcast and blogs to use as a tool. All these = awesome way of ministry don't you think so?

Anyhow, Here are pictures I have taken during the events. Gosh I am loving the pictures from my camera. It so much better than my PNS This is the 1st time I am posting lengthy pictures taken with the alpha 300. Due to not much movements and this is not a total rock concert, I only taken a few and being stop by secu alot of times (biasa la)

We start lining up as soon as 2:50 and this is like us ramping infront of digital mall. The stupid It center (selling macs) decided to pump up the music volume really loud. Sadly, not a single soul was interested. Kinda like the lights on this photo

And once they open the 1st gate, everyone was queing up for the 2nd gate to be open. This is the gang back there waiting anxiously. It was seriously packed like sardin in that area. Well concert mar what you expect.

We had some visitors to where we sat.

I am not going through all the details as you all already know it so... Towards the ending of Charlie Hall, I decided and took out my camera to start shooting because his charisma is just too strong already. He was singing "We are Yours"

Charlie Hall and band. I had to crank that up to ISO 3200 but it still looked good I suppose.

Louie Gig came up after that to preach so yea I did not take photos then. And it quickly resume back to Chris Tomlin and I know that is my last chance so I walked and bump through a lot of poeple, get to the center of the front mosh pit and started shooting throughout

I stood somewhere here. Some how I wish I had a zoom lens, but no matter I somehow got to very front of stage

Yellow and blue lights are the best concert lights ever invented. haha

Ah failed effect but still looks good la. I took a couple of pics like this but it is just too shaky without the tripod. But nonetheless it is nice eh?

Joash's Hero Daniel Carson. I think he is the only one that went high on rocking that night. Very awesome. I usually hate to capture red light on camera but this turns out to be a good effect too. Creepy

Louie G then come did a podcast there and I'm glad I had him on picture too. Nice

The night ended, Once again I met Chen Fei and we snap a pic together before we took off...

Oh Sandra was saying that I am on my way to become a Paparazzi. That maybe true because I am extremely glad to let you know that...

Louie G wears a converse... A shiny one. True man wear converse. Ok enough. Stop. End.

Ok for more pics, visit facebook. Hope to add it later on. I want to finish my Sabah video which had been delayed for a long time.


Joleen said...

your photos are nice ;) keep it up!

frachely said...

true man wears converse, yeah and so do malay ah bengs (-_- ") haha

Chris tomlin! u know the other day i was having breakfast at this cafe and they were playing his songs and the waiters were singing as they worked too hehe

Joash Wee said...

true men wears converse. We shall live by that.

:: J o h n :: said...

Rachel, lol converse = true men + malay ah bengs no no no

Joash... yes we shall live by that haha