Bali Finale

I know, I can't tahan liao la. Looking at my limited pics lol. I decided to up everything on one go now lol. I think got 16 pictuers. Alright let's get Bali frenzy.

After the rather okay dolphin watch, we got back to the resort and think... hmm, what should we do? And say, why don't we make it to the town and beach in KUTA. Takan come here never go there right? OK let's go. SO there you go another 3 and a half hour of van ride to the city. (not to mention another 3 1/2 back and also 3 1/2 the next morning to the airport)

Again we see some same same scenery along the way. Yeah... you get me...

Ok we got a little tour and we stopped by UBUD 1st (it's where all the art stuff are... esp wood carving stuff, sorry no pic. I know i was....)

Ok I got this picture while walking

Nice rite?

This makes me laugh Haha. I know I know I shouldn't laugh at them. But really good service. In Malaysia don't have this

We make our final stop here in UBUD market, To be honest, It is just like Terengganu market or a outdoor version of Central Market = nothing special. Move along

After that we ate some very nice meesedap by the road side and head towards Kuta, I love Kuta, We stop by some shopping mall call sunrise I think because that was part of the package. Haha. It looks like Fajar la. But I got some very cool shirts from there which you see me always wear.

Anyhow, evening come and we hit the beach

This is the 2nd most popular beach in Bali... No strong waves here but a lot family here came here to chill and play whatever like this

My most treassured shot. I think this shot speaks 1000 words.

Hmm you know pictures like this turns out to be very lomo-like Haha

This is one of my 'failed' projects. You know I wanted to plant "GRYP" everywhere? Actually I never did start this before. But let's see how many of you want to do this project. very simple, wear a gryp shirt and hold something in your hand... haha ok moving along

We then move towards Kuta which is the other side of the island, but not too far. There's is only a few rows of shops which all sells expensive surf stuff. This is one rich town honestly.

Because it is geared towards tourism, the place bloooms like mad. It is a total contrast of erm the village.

The beach! Ok. Mood drop liao. got like 100000 people on the beach. Really sien lor to play or what. But yea the surf's up so everyone's surfing. Local boys here renting out stuff knows how to speak well especially japanese becuase there are plenty of japs around.

I loiter around until the sun's going down and quickly snap some photos while dad was out somewhere swimming in the ocean. I got no mood for that because of the crowd.

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The next day we just headed home. Yes thanks to Air Asia now everyone can go holiday at ease.
And thus end my journey to Bali. Next would be Sydney!!! Lol. banyak tahun delayed ni...

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