Why they still can't find God?

Alright, for those of you who occasionally use Google.... You might have notice this

That's right, it is the LHC launching day today. What does it do? well, for interest google it! Haha if you're still too lazy for that, don't worry, I find some stuff that probably would interest you.

Anyhow, here's a little video on what it does...

Well not that I am a science student, but it is basically just a very large gun that fires some sort of particles at each other and a computer will record down every data taken from it. Yes! Ridiculous? You judge for yourself! Basically, scientist would argue that this whole universe came together because some gas and other gas came together and BANG it happen lor. Man was made lor Woman also made lor... so keng right?

Where got things so coincident one? Don't believe? Take apart a watch, gear by gear and then put into a box or whatever, shake shake shake and see can come out a watch or not? Hard right? That's why sometimes I wonder these scientist really that smart or not? I mean they are probably pro at add maths, stats and so on right? If they believe in science then shouldn't they also believe nothing is conincident? HAHA.

Back to this LHC... this is basically how it works. But alright if you are lazy again, if they are successful, they will probably uncover some truth about the 'big bang' in small scale but if they are not, it might turn into a very big black hole and swallow this earth with it. Serious. that's what they say...

Stupid. Really Stupid. But if on random note this thing was built here, we sure scream "Eh you waste our taxpayer money again!"

Oh ya. Before I sign out, and you haven't click on any link that i've posted, be sure you check out this website http://hasthelargehadroncolliderdestroyedtheworldyet.com/

Maybe he thinks we're are really going to be dead. HAHA

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