Nat's Farewell - Dinner

Alright, I know I've posted some shots on facebook but facebook ruin people's photo... So I am going to post here some of the nice shot of Nat's Farewell #1 #2.....#21309210th farewell.

This was probably very insane. Now a days it is hard to pull a surprise over somebody. Especially one like NAT. She's too quick to find out. Anyhow, We did pull it up, posing it as a cell dinner to commemorate...


We have to start it off with the star of the day of course

That's erm Yi Jiang and Joman. Ok that's some weird pose

This has got to be the best portrait shot of the day. HAHA it makes me crack up everytime when I see it lol

Esther and Steph

Risotto seafood ala little italy.... long name -.- Oh it happens to be my dish

This is just how long the table was. Insane. 15 pax. I want to say that the restaurant did a good job in like not messing up the menus.

Joman Fisheyed Nat

Group shot. - I looked horrible.

Anyhow, Might want to change layout because I am quite sien with this layout but I am so so so busy wor. See how la.



angeliCassie said...

yesss am glad i bring joy to your life in ways i can never imagine -_-"

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