Currently Hibernating

I wish to hibernate. Haha. There's too much happening in the political view and it is very unlikely things will change in this short period of time. There is just too much against the opposition.

At the moment, it is not good for our Pak Lah himself. UMNO general election is just around the corner and he might lose his job. How can he like pretend like nothing happen and Malaysia is moving forward? Don't know. But currently even his own members are wanting to sack him.

Alright. Sorry for lack of updates. It will be for a while because I am currently working hard at something... Some say I work only for a new toy haha. Nah...

Tired liao. I need some sleep. This is just to keep up some post.

Oh. FYI, Do check out my dad's blog as he is currently in the perrrt blogging LIVE and more frequently than I do or is he running away from disaster? LoL who knows?

Some random video. LoL. I love this


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