Sept 16

This is it guys! This is life and death. Ok maybe not so serious but this is probably the only solution to this crazy country.

Anwar has finally loaded his bullets and according to him he already sent a letter to PM for him to peacefully hand over the power. (Like the PM will do that, after all he already used his last bullet which is the ISA and nabbing people for no reason)

A blind person would already by now see how stupid they can get. I mean taking your last resort by using ISA? Old trick. Sending people to Taiwan and say it has nothing to do with 'crossing' over? Stupid enough. And now, still claiming "the current leadership is strong enough" BAH~~ he playing chicken and claim that. Right.

The ISA apparently locked down Teressa for stirring 'racial issue' over the frame of shutting down mosque's azan. Wow. Amazing huh? A few days of calling Chinese squatters squatters and 3 year ban on him and a frame of a woman brings the ISA to power. That's how it is guys, The BN.

I am glad that even within BN there are many people who is against ISA, Mainly, MCA. Of course la. Even MCA know who teressa is and she is really innocent 'mo gu' is what they call in Cantonese and I am glad MCA is standing up as well for her. Because like it or not, they are still CHINESE!

Zaid Ibrahim, which I think is the coolest guy around he is the law minister of Malaysia this season. In the past they all hated him because of his 'justice' now he is put into power by PM himself. He said that ISA should be used to do whatever it was set out to do not against civilants. If you guys don't already know, ISA is used to treat terrorist, communist, whatever you get the idea. Don't get me wrong, I agree on ISA totally but not on civilants.

Anyway he said he will quit his job if PM does not want to listen to him. Last I heard, he sent in his resignation letter. HOW COOL IS THAT? a minister willing to give up whaever for justice. A clap for you Zaid!

But today is not about that. Today is the day where Malaysia is Malaysia, it is call the Malaysia day. It is the day Sabah and Sarawak joined Malaysia and to be honest, how many of us here really thinks Sabah and Sarawak does belong to Malaysia? It is distant by sea but that does not mean we don't visit that state. So go on, Air Asia to Sabah and Sarawak and hug someone. I am glad I actually stayed in Sarawak. It is really different and also visit Sabah...

Go on, pray for Malaysia. The pakatan rakyat is coming. Let's just hope they don't mess up like the BN did. Right?

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frachely said...

Is this a KL-ians thing or what? How can one "sometimes" feel that sabah and sarawak don't belong to m'sia (-_- ")

:: J o h n :: said...

Lol probably Kl-ians lol..
Read it fast and it become Ke-lians haha