Given up?

Hmm, there is definitely a huge huge difference in generation as I've learn in youth culture. While many people are still speculating the change effect, Many younger people I've talked to seems to give up already. "Sept 16 pass di mar... Nothing happen also" walks of disappointed

The people of today clearly has lack of patience. This one we've got to blame the fast paced society esp when technology advances. You want to learn about something? Can, Wikipedia or Google it. Who goes to the library anymore? You screen is your library.

We want everything instant! Instant noodle, Instant Milo, Instant Messaging. A slight down time in streamyx sends many kids into paranoial-y paranoid. To think of it, it is just one day after Sept 16. And people telling me - "I don't think its gonna change" despite the fact I kept telling that It will.

Others have said. Oh... Zaid is working underground to let people cheer abit while things are being delayed because probably Anwar has nothing yet. The thing is, This is what BN is banking on and probably Anwar has failed to look at this... We want change and we want it NOW! I am all cool though, I would love to have change NOW but I also am being realistic here. I know it takes time as well. So keep your hopes high.

Ok, Let's imagine the senario here. You know for Anwar to be lantik as PM is not easy, 1st the King of the country (yes the King has the power now) Will have to call for a vote of no-confidence in Badawi. All those in favour would have to take a vote and subsequently disolving the Parliament. And then the leader of the most party members will then step up and they will vote him in as PM.

And Why can't Anwar announce the list? It is simple, Abdullah has the last card still - ISA. He nabs people for no reason, and if Anwar announce the list, Anwar will ISA, The newly 31 MP will ISA, Lim Kit Siang will ISA hence Ops Lalang II where everyone will ISA because it is a national threat. PM already give warning to Anwar and says he is a threat to the economy and security.

I just love Msia don't you? Haha. And when that happens, probably another protest will take place. And this time it will be probably one of the biggest protest here in Malaysia. But still, FRU and Police in standby mode shooting everything down. And the leaders of the protest will ISA. Mainly the bloggers like Haris Ibrahim etc etc etc. So who's left? Abdullah and Najib and will probably say...

"Have faith in the current government, we are making progress. Look at our foreign investors. We are making progress and we will bring Malaysia to the next level in economy! We will live in harmony"

That my friend why it has to be done very carefully.

P/S: A while ago, PM says the petrol will probably drop again by year end if the crude oil remains at $109 per barrel. It has now dropped bellow $100 and Abdullah is avoiding the topic. and say our petrol price will probably not drop it is good for us because Petronas can subsidise less. WALAO-eh! Oh on petronas subsidy, I'll probably blog about that another time.

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