Intervention: Allison

I have watch yet another intervention episode. This time it involves a girl addicted to sucking computer dust remover aerosol. Its sick. The whole show is sick. But that brings me to a point.

As the series suggest, It is call the intervention because towards the end, they intervene and really stop the menace by force or whatever. Attending youth culture was fun. I get to learn a lot of things from it. Even those that I am very familiar with like Music and Media. But each presentation you can see that those cases brought up are real.

So far the topics that was presented is at below

Anorexia(mainly ED)
Depression & Suicide (that's my group)
Music and Media
Substance abuse (drugs, alcohol etc...)

And those that are yet to come...

Love and sex
Tattoo and piercing
Emerging media.

Seriously how not to like the class? This are the issues that we are dealing with today in youths. Though we are not as bad as some countries are but still we are catching up. And honestly it is good know about issues that we're facing and going to face. So I encourage you just go youtube and search intervention and see the different cases.

The thing I liked about intervention is that they are not made up or acting. It is real life. Like how they really tape them on a daily life basis. I don't post this up because I am sick or making you feel disgusted but it is for knowledge basis. And Nat, don't watch while eating well actually this one u can haha. And Cassie, Watch it scary chicken cat....


Joleen said...

i wish i can attend too lol

angeliCassie said...

wo bu yao kan...wo hen paaaa

frachely said...

eh bra gimme back all the gifts i gave u in pet society not enough money wei wanna save on the food -_-

:: J o h n :: said...

All different response -.- BRA stick on topic la!