Alpha Convention!

Alright, for the next few days I am going to be invisible. Well, sort of. October is a very busy month for me. And it's going to start with the alpha convention. It's starting in a few hours and I believe it is going to be crazy.

All this for FREE. This is pretty impossible but it is FREE... Free food too. at LeMeridien Hotel. Tomorrow there will be a launch of a900. Insane? yes. How insane, I shall let you know once I touch it. Also heard that there will be accessory exclusively for Malaysia alpha members ONLY wort RM900. What is that? No one knows tmr we will all know.

Also coming up will be my colleagues wedding. That's next week. Phew lucky didn't clash. And of course coming up is birthdays and sort. All in all it's gonna be busy.

=) For those of you haven't sign up for camp... Yea that's most of you PLEASE do so NOW!!! details go to

Will blog tomorrow!. Nite

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frachely said...

dun care if you're going to alpha or beta lar just rem to gimme the rest before u leave for it! Liar liar liar!