Elluminatography: The Aperture

By the way...Read about the ISO before if you haven't.

Ok this post might be very useless if you're shooting with compact but it is still good to know because compact does have apertures as well just that they don't let you tweak with it. After all, all you want is just take out, point, shoot. In any case this is also an experiment for me and stress test my camera.

Some called it the Iris. Well, it does represent the iris. It control the amount of light coming in. In dark places, your iris opens bigger in sunny places, it shrinks. make sense? If not just notice the eye of a cat in a day and at night.

Since we're talking about the Aperture, let me also take time to show you my newest baby... (ok that term is reserved by someone) lens... Presenting to you, the Pentacon 50mm f1.8!!! which I've yet to try it on.

it comes in a classic leather pouch. so cute and not only that, you can "slingbag it"

The real deal. By guess, this lens should be made around 1950-1970 so it is a classic piece of lens.

But do you See a bunch of numbers there? yep we're looking at the last row of numbers today. That is the f numers and it represent the aperture. Like the ISO, they have their own unique number and they dun go from 1,2,3,4,5,6 they jump. But unlike the ISO they don't double up.

The usual numbers you'll see appearing is... f1.7, f1.8, f3.5, f5.6, f8, f11, f16, f22.... yea there are plenty of fills in between but heck I am not going to name you all, it takes a bit of getting used to memorizing them

Ok enuff technical talk. let's look at some pictures. and to show you what aperture looks like, It looks like this.

See that small tiny hexagon hole? that is the aperture. And the blades that forms it is call the aperture blade. ok this is f16 the smallest aperture on the Pentacon

And the maximum?

f1.8!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! whoa.... super huge can??? And gosh what are the odds of capturing a mosquito on my thumb... (thanks Christine for pointing that out)

ok now for something normal...

f5.6 this is also what compact usually shoot at night

Alright so with my new flash gun also, let me demonstrate just what aperture do. Cheh show off again...



There you have it. The 1.8 shot's light seems a little blur right? Although that's not my intention but this is exactly what happens if you set your aperture to the widest possible.

Alright for some sample shots of difference between aperture, I arranged many stuff found in my room and take a shot (w/o flash) and shoot at ISO100 so that the noise level is reduced kao kao

Because I have to shoot with my kit lens, There's no such thing as f1.8 so I put at roughly f4 which is one of the biggest. Well anyway I did some 100 percent crop on some aperture setting taken.

Alright the 1st sample shop is actually from my deodorant. notice how sharp is f16 is an how blur is f4 is. you can almost make out the wordings on the 4th picture. That is precisely it. using big aperture will definitely blur your pictures as you can see la from the flash test. The bigger isn't always better.

This picture taken on the far right top corner. because my focus is on the center, that makes everything else blurry. But notice how the last picture is slightly sharper than the rest? Yep so again bigger isn't always better.

Again, just look at how smooth and sharp is the last picture. The depth of field has also increased. the front and back are both sharp now.

While it is nice to take everything in higher aperture. I got to say this. My lens isn't the sharpest lens around and that result in slightly not accurate test. but it still got the idea across I hope what aperture is. And to work this together with ISO is purely easy and usually I shoot with wide aperture as well for convenient sake.

Unless you are a pixel peeper, you don't really have to shoot in a smaller aperture. but bare in mind that when you print out the result can be rather different. Again, shooting in f16 is not always possible indoors speaking. Because to shoot that f16 I have to shoot it for 30 seconds worth of shutter speed. My gosh. no one can hold a camera still for that long. So that's something about the aperture. ;)

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