Kevin & Rachel's wedding

Ok wedding day. Guess I am the photographer again... LOL this time i'll put everything in black and white because I can. and because black and white brings an image out. Period.

Ah cliche shot. LoL everyone have to shoot this in every wedding. Boring but intersting. When my turn I gonna put transformer there chun?

Arrived at Nilai kampung. I been to Nilai but never been to Kampung before. Walao. LoL really Kampung lor. lol this is where my boss wife come from anyway. Oh that guy is my boss wife's brother

Chinese Tradition. Have to give angpow for them to open door... They made him sing some songs and give alot of money... Kesian.

Slightly undershot. But hey that makes a happy man lol

Awww... boss was funny. shoot di turn and say got take or not? I say got. He ask nice or not. I say OK!

Then the zam cha session la a lot of people la and too fast la. So just use this one represent can? lol Good neh. deng

Aih. I so use to shooting wide angle that this is almost like horrible but then again the emphasize is the bling

Den den den den (imaging they singing that la k)

Then do some walkabout lol.

Got to be one of my favourite shot of all time! artsy

Another of those great shot. LOL praising self pulak. But this is what it should be like. The lens.

Den den den.... LoL wedding day also so busy. Haha. But because of their feng sui thingys they can't go back home before certain time. I also stranded lor. So we stop by Bukit Jalil Park and shoot some photos

Fixing the expensive dress. Dirty di have to pay RM500 what the heck

Ah. I ask them turn so I shoot like this so cool.

Anyway we did take some shots but right, the sky is crazy bright and I no polariser not good. The shots turn out to be flushing white on the sky. So this is it. The end of the wedding journey.

What happen when they go back home? Same process. Open door, zam cha, get plenty of gold and blings and then makan and that's it. I ended my job dead tired (imaging the tiredness carried forward till tuesday)

The bottom line is solo photography in events is a NO-NO But I learn a lot lor only thing is I can only shoot so much with my alpha that time (no flash mar) hehe.

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Allen Tan 陈亚伦 said...

The wedding rings must be put on the left hand of both. Right hand is for engagement. It is an international sign to be recognized.