My Bday 24 di aih

Alright, this year's birthday was silent... GOOD I like them. Haha well probably because I had nothing better to do and fooled everyone by bringing forward my birthdate (don't trust internet). K so my real birthdate is 28 Oct 2008. So now you know.

So I only celebrate with my family and my gf this year and we went to Pasta Zanmai for dinner. There is only one Pasta Zanmai and that is in 1u near TGI Fridays. The food there. SUPER AWESOME but the price is slightly on the higher side so...

Anyway this is the front of the shop.

Its rather not really distinctive as to the front of the shop is totally like seling japanese goods. So you might miss it if you're not like looking properly. But once inside it's very comforting actually

Some round sitting area for the hip and the hip.

The cooking area is well wrapped up unlike terpanyakki so you can get to see and don't stink!

The menu which happends to be super duper yellow that your eyes will go blind after a while.

Alright so this is what we've ordered. for convinient, I noted down the price as well ;) Am I just good? say yes.

Ok my family loves this Edaname thingy but it cost like RM8 if I not wrong this one I can't remember 'cos didn't jot down haha

Bro's favarourite - Unagi Kabayaki (Ala Carte) Rm15/=

Ok this is seriously small fishes lor. I don't know but they love this fish. Erm its call Shishamo RM8/= Inside is full of fish egg. really a lot of egg no play play and it taste awesome but can eat as snack only la.

Beef Curry Rice set RM25/=

Soft Shell Crab. RM18/= Super tiny actually but my photo make it like big big only

This is my meal Gyuniku to Nasu to Kinoko no Miso Meat Sauce. RM25/= I know such a long name. Gosh. But I rate it 4/5 for the tatse. Super nice in pasta. The sauce is just awesome!

Wahhhh Joleen ordered Soft Shell Crab no Gomadare Shitate basically soft shell crab with sesame pasta and cost RM25 for Set as well.

Teriyaki Chicken to Onsen Tamago no Pizza RM20 Honestly this is something you must try because it is unique how the pizza taste. It is rather different from your normal pizza. As you can see its teriyaki sauce

And for all you crazy cold freaks out there. THIS is to die for. Actually only those who know how to eat. I don't know what is this call but it comes in 3 flavours. 1st is their distinguish (only served here) is their black sesame ice cream. Haha taken very nicely ler. And followed by the green tea and chocolate. Needless to say my family don't really like it so I walaop all la. HAHA mmm hmmm

So I end this post with group photo la.

My bro and my dad

Me and my girlz! hahahahaha

Ok la that's all for my birthday. Went home and cut cake also that my girlfriend bought. So nice of her =)

Because its wholely chocolate and was in a cold fridge hence the face.

Image with family

Image with Girfriend and me doing peace is so uncool. Its ok We get to be uncool sometimes HAHA.


angeliCassie said...

you sad that you're you act like you're 4 is it?HAHA but that shot of youwith the cake alone is very funnyyy...

and yes your peace sign spoil the last pic -_-"

and i would remember your bday from this yr onwards =D

Joash Wee said...

i didnt realise you have a big tougue. but not that long la.

:: J o h n :: said...

why u want to kiss me joash? hahah