Blissful spell not working.

Many have wondered how the heck I keep up with good spirit and how I am always on the bright side happy endings bla bla bla.

This one week there's this new boy (relative of my colleagues) working under me. He is form3 and he is more quiet than a quiet air cond. He only nods his head when he understands and does not greet you back when you say good morning! And no he is not mute. He just is lost in his own world like day dream all the time.

Many of you who don't know me when I was young, I was exactly like that. Low Self Esteem, Introvert and looking things on the dark side. I held up my gold in my mouth. Though at times I am very noisy in church but still I don't communicate. I hated church members because school friends seems to be better off than church members. I had no real friends in church and definitely I keep everything to myself.

I am not going to go through all the details of how I transformed myself. But many have been asking me how do I keep my good positive spirit. The answer is. Phlegmatic it means I don't care what the heck happen around me in other words... IGNORANCE is BLISS... Yes I believe that and I truly lived that out. People say its impossible, I say it is just you got to know how.

Call it self defense but I find it works and it helped me worked better in environment that is stressful. I got stepped on but I get back up almost immediately. Because I understand the simple fact. Everything happen for a reason and there is no stopping it so why frowned?

While I think by teaching ignorance is bliss is dangerous, we all got to have it. But use it only to protect your brain and mind so that you can think straight. Many people take ignorance is bliss by looking at the mirror and walk away doing nothing. And don't care if the world die or live. But if you learn to use it keep yourself calm and cool, you'll stay cheerful right? And use that to propel yourself foward.

This week though, is a very tiring week. Not physically because usually my week is tiring physically. But this week its mentally tiring. I've got thousand of things in my mind and constantly thinking probably in my sleep as well. And to add to that, emotional abuses. I got shot by clients like saying my design not that creative and all. Then came some other stuff. Usually I'll just go about chanting 'ignorance ignorance...' Not this week. I am totally beaten because it hits like wave by wave. This week chanting ignorance is not gonna help.

Sometimes I wondered what happens if I don't changed. Be like the kid who stuck himself in his own comforting shell. Nothing can penetrate because no one seems to care to penetrate. But then again, he lost out by not connecting with the world. Only able to make imaginary friends and fantasy.

But for now, I miss my shell.


Joleen said...

ur english too deep to understand MUAHAHAHA

well thats why u get a gf after you change LOL..

Nirhal said...

the only potential problem with the shell mentality, is that when we're living in community - this come across as quite self-centred. Take care myself, protect myself... Dangerous trend. Definitely not community building.

My 2sen opinion. As always.. :D