Quantum of Solace

Yee Be Warned Spoilers ahead...

AHhhhhhhhh hmm this is a mixed feeling after watching Bond. I love Bond. I think everyone does. Including my parents and a lot of aunties la also like bond (including M) because last time Bond is handsome. And just for the record. M do like bond.

I am not sure if M likes the new Bond because he just not handsome enough, But Still, Bond is Bond and Bond will always be Bond. Or is it? I love the show because it is so raw like Bond is so imperfect (except for the parachute part) And he bleeds OH MY GOSH. And oh so human with his human revenge thingies.

Right so what happen in the movie? Most people find it lame and boring and don't really know what was going on. Alright, One have got to watch Casino Royale to fully understand the story of Quantum of Solace (don't ask me what i means. Actually all Bond movie does not have a meaning to its title)

So actually this QoS thing bond is all out to kill the people responsible in killing Vesper (remember the girl that betrayed him in Casino Royale then was killed?)

Er ok not very clear..

Ah this one better but still not clear... Remember the part he almost died because he took some med and revive again? Ah nvm

Anyway so This episode is to hunt down whoever responsible and lead him to the villain himself la. So its all good and inner stuggle and very human. But then I want my BOND!!!

Like you know where's Q? The gadget guy where's the laser watch? where is the bullet pen. Where??? All he gets is a handphone HAHA. And where's the Bond car? Where is the BMW or ASTON MARTIN (actually got la but i missed it) So this are some of the things missing that is so not bond.

And of course the most missing thing that I miss is Bond, James Bond. ARGH!!!! Don't have. This makes it look like some other action flick that Matt Damon was acting in. That's right the Boune series. Jason Bourne... In situation like this I think its better I act in my own version. How bout that? Its a franchise show no doubt. That is why it is ok to do all those Bond James Bond crap again and again and you won't lose your money... LoL


frachely said...

no i don't like bond.


certino said...
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