Super Saver Good? Think Again.

With all the hust and bust of the hoo haa of the Low Cost, Zero Cost, all inclusive, nothing exclusive airline competition, It is really that good? Yes it is actually to fly. But what if you decided that it is not safe to fly?

I have bought the 'so called' awesome MAS airlines for a one way flight from Bangkok to KL because it was so happen that they have 0 fare. WOW. And it cost cheaper than Air Asia flying by a few bucks. Nice.

Now Thailand became instabil right? And all out of a sudden, I am forced to cancel my flight plans and switch to another place for my holiday. I called and they say oh sorry you've bought a super saver that can't be canceled. WHARRRRRT? Cancelation will lead to forfeit. WHARRRRRRRRRRT? this is MAS we're talking about. It is not cheap as well ok even though zero fare I still have to pay airport tax, fuel surcharge and what not. The total of flying one way for 4 person is RM1480 Now that's a lot!

GEEEEEE Man! Out of thing to say!

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