is the year that flew so fast that it is faster than the Large Hardon Collider colide.

I kinda gonna miss this year because it don't come by often. Actually it don't come by at all. But I haven't even start enjoying it...

So here's kinda what I did for this year. Just look through some archive and pull out some stuff =)

Watched Switchfoot LIVE in concert and took some amazing shots!

Surpported DAP like mad which means I voted for the 1st time

Went to Thailand

Jumped at paragon

Found new pet ok ok enuff of bangkok

Watch united again

Almost made it to the peak of the peak of the peak of KK mountain

Bought my 1st dslr camera

Went snorkerlling

See Passion LIVE in KL

Watch MIFC again and again

Got myself a nice suit thanks to Joleen

And yea that's just about what I did... NOT ENUFF LE! nvm next year do more HAHA

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