My MAMA say...

Life is like a box of Bubba Gump

Yes I am talking about Bubba Gump restaurant at the curve where I ate for Christmas with Joleen

This restaurant was inspired by Forest Gump. Its has got its theme everywhere from its bench and suit case

To a table tennis bat menu

To walls decorated with quotes and stills of Tom Hanks.

However, this is NOT the restaurant for JOE (the biggest fan of Forest Gump) Simply it is because it majors on Shrimps and using shrimps as their USP means it is not JOE friendly.

I love this concept the most. They have 2 plates and when this plate is shown, the waiters will just let you mind your own business.

But when you flip it over, the waiter stops for you to do whatever you want him to do like take your order, bill, and everything else. I must say they work faster than you can put up your arms and scream ANEH!!! within 5 seconds you can be sure they are at your service. And I do think every mamak should have that!

With that kind of power, I stopped them to help us take a picture. HAHA. Pretty good eh?

As for the food, I ordered Shrimper's heaven and it consist of 4 different type of shrimps (tempura, steamed, chilli and i forgot) any way I counted and altogether there were about 22 shrimps plus fries and some salad. It cost RM44.90 for that. You can do the math

This is called the Bourbon Street Baramundi priced at RM 29.90 and it is to die for. It is heavenly! You have to eat this!!!

Sadly though, the prawns weren't 100% fresh that day so the Shrimper's heaven were a little of a disappointment especially when it comes a little overpriced. And across the blogs there were several complaints on the freshness. However the Bourbon Street Baramundi pays it off for that price!

I however would like to try some other stuff like their burgers and all. Which are all on the high side. Would I go back again? That depends if they decided to use fresh shrimps instead. I think I do love the Bourbon Street Baramundi.

Again, You go there for personal reason and of course the ambience is just nice. As for value for money though, I rather visit TGI fridays and still come out cheaper than Bubba Gump. The total bill was a whooping RM111 plus the drinks.

Oh this was a restaurant that started in America btw so it is more like American cuisines.


angeliCassie said...

bro johnnnnn i wantttttt huhuhu Y.Y

Anonymous said...

it was a birthday/christmas wish list, but sadly never came to dont know will come or


:: J o h n :: said...

Ok Cassie you want, Joe you also want. You two can go wert!

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frachely said...

I HATEEEEE UUUUUUU I went to the one in manila like twice and I have like 2 sets of photos but I always procrastinate so I nv get to blog abt it and u did before me now it's not special anymore hate u hate u hate u!!