It looks like there is no end

there is no end as yet to the PAD (People's Alliance Democracy) stupid actions to bring down the government. It a sense, I respect them on the other hand they aren't that democratic as well.

Well I am flying there in 2 months and situation has turn into an interesting look. Their guts are beyond measure as they challenge the government and challenge the PM to step down from being a PM by blocking 2 airports and they have done so for like the past 5 days. They hi-jacked the control tower they seize every operation. Like what the police don't do anything? Yes they don't. Isn't hijacking a crime? Hey you don't step into people's property uninvited.

Times like this, ISA should come out, the Red Lined police should come out the tear gas, massive water canon should be used. Instead, nothing much have been done. Because they are just too peaceful. The Thais are very peaceful people and do not want to use 'force' if necessary. Wow, But they PAD people are getting too overboard don't you think? The consequences of not having the country advancing did they think about? Are you for your own good or for your country's good?

I am all out for justice, I hate corruption as well dude but heck am I going to slow my country from advancing. This one act alone cost billions and cost a lifetime of image building all gone down the drain. The Police are basically erm stupid? Hello go get them out la. But recently there are some bombing incident where PAD are. People are throwing grenades at the PAD people (like you wonder why right?)

And that cost the PAD leaders to negotiate with the police to enhance their security of the PAD protesters like what? dude, you're in the wrong people want to kill you now you want the police to help you out? hur? That's kinda funny because really a few days ago the PAD protesters slowed the police down by barring them, flatting their tyres etc etc and now they want the police to turn around and help them.

The wonders of Thai. Amazing.

In the end, democracy never can be achieved no matter how democratic we are because democracy means without boundries and law which is totaly lawless which is totally free which means it will never come. No not even with OBAMA.


Anonymous said...

the thai police is controlled by the corrupt government. thats why they are not acting. cause if they go all out with the protesters it'll give the current prime minister even more bad rep. so they are relying on the protesters to defuse their own plan by discrediting them. the more violent they become the more the protesters are discrediting themselves.


frachely said...

Amazing Thailand, Incredible India.