Jump Jump Jump

And make music with the heavens we will... 

It was raining all day and night long so I figure that since we got nothing to do I taught them how to take jump shots actually I thought kevin how to take jump shots and they love it that they do it very often. Haha. 

These pictures aren't really perfect yet as I am new to jumping also but I just figure that I'll put it up anyway. 

1st it was me teaching them how to jump at the mall. I have no idea where my hands are flying (and I have a constipated face every time I jump that has got to improve)

Then that's me jumping in the St. Paul's ruin itself. It was empty so very nice to do this kinda crazy things.

That's Kevin's Bruce Lee kick. Haha.

Then this was us jumping at the PD hotel just before we left. By far the best jump shot ever! (again face) Thanks Guowei for holding and clicking

Tried to do some flying kick but tak jadi

Then I decided to fly slow (again, face)

That small kid decided to do jump shot as well. Haha.

Yep Yep that's about it Jumpshots are very tiring because they eat energy like mad. And you got to shoot a lot coz every 5 shot only there's one good pic (kinda) thing

Yep Jumping is one very tiring job... we need to find more place to jump. dang.

But at any given time I'd rather be doing something else.... like this artsy stuff... (right)


angeliCassie said...

bro johnnn i love jumpshots too...and yess i think jumpshots is a good exercise..it's a sport!

let's turn it into a sport!shall we shall we *big wet eyes*

and the first jumpshot in front of the PD hotel is awesome..and the face..haha i dun have that problem..my problem is..jump not high enough -_-"

Anonymous said...

awww u shortie hehe

lazy sign in, John

frachely said...

why bother to do stupid jump shots lar look at ur face, like u've used up all your stamina haha i prefer the artsy 1 hehe

Allen Tan 陈亚伦 said...

1. why don't you jump from down from a high place?

2. Use Sport menu to shoot.

Anonymous said...

Ahahaha look at my face -.-

Jumping from high places would be good but don't have a lot of high places to jump from