St Paul's Hill in HDR

Me and Kevin decided to do soemthing stupid by waking up at 4.30AM one fine morning and drive ourselves to the town where the latest happenings were not happening at that hour.

We went up to the St. Paul's ruins to hope to catch the sunrise, however the clouds were not helping hence, no sunrise. But I had in my mind to shoot some HDR that day. By the time we got there its like 5.30AM and it was rather freaky to enter the place at 5.30. Haha.

Just how dark is it? This is how dark it was

My teeth gloweth... and this picture is out of place. Thanks Kev for the shot.

I did so many crazy things. Its like spooky but I did not care just shoot only while having a fast beating hard haha. I did manual flash lighting mostly. Flashing manualy is fun but tiring. Because you just have to keep adjusting. Here's  one of the shot I did manual flash

Are you seeing things? Haha its call strobing lol. 

My bones were in chills when I did this flashing thing. I manually walk and flash and walk and flash. When I reached the last slab of stones I walk hastily back to my cam. Imagine doing that for like 5 pictures and I was totally stunned. The next time you are bored, try spend a night inside the ruins of St. Paul.

And when the sun began to rose, I began stepping outside to take some shots but the sun wasn't rising well. It was cloudy and it is the perfect time to do the perfect...

And my 1st ever High Dynamic Range.

The ruins of St. Paul


Joleen said...

ook awesome!

frachely said...

why are u pimping ur blog in fb haha nice photo btw *pats bra on the back haha

angeliCassie said...

there's like a lady in the last pic is it?

but the pics are awesome =)

Felicia said...


:: J o h n :: said...

Joleen... Thank u

Frac... yes trying to advertise more haha

cassie... lady? hur what lady...are u seeing something???? haha no la good eye on detail. that's some uncle spoiling our shots by exercising there.

Felicia... one word of wisdom haha

Amira said...

not sure if you already know about this blog...

they have excellent info and things like that on strobe lighting.. they do alot of cool stuff and explain how they do them!

wht lenses do u have? i generally dont like HDR shots as most people (amateurs) overdo it and make it way too intense.. but urs is pretty cool! wht lens did u use?

Amira said...

oh yea... and chk out some DIY ring lights that u can make using ur strobe as the source!! i lurrrrrrrrrrve ring lights!

:: J o h n :: said...

Amira.. whoa u surprise me lol talk like a pro. indeed I use normal kit lens hehe pretty amateur

LoL yea HDR is actually kinda simple and yea I dun really like HDR also for the fact that it is too overly faked

Yeah I dun frequently but do go over to strobist learn a lot too and ring light HUHU i dun have time to make them but yes I love ring lights