The kings are gods

It is actually insane for me to keep blogging about Thailand. It's not even my country. I even vowed not to go back to Thailand if I can't speak Thai. Somehow the Land of Smiles do get to people and it is hard not to love Thailand (for the people)

Somehow it is amazing that how honorable they are to the king. Of course to them the kings are gods. Amid the abrupt stop of protest by the PAD they have to stop because it is the king's birthday tomorrow. So whether you are for and against the government you have to love their king. Such honor to the king.

In actual fact, the king does not hold much power. He does not decide whether you should live or die like in the movie. But being honored is sometimes good. No one speaks bad of the royal and gets away with it. So tonight he will deliver a speech a speech to address the nation. And you wondered why the king has not said anything about the protest recently...

The nation would be at peace if the king had just done so. When the government fail, the people will look to the king. And gives the king full power again. Interesting huh?

11 of Dec the parliament will once again elect one Prime Minister and if that Prime Minister is not up to the ruleless lawless PAD people, the street is once again dangerous. Heck if you hold something hostage (airport) and demand of something (ransom) You are a terrorist, no?

Let's hope that's not the way


frachely said...

oh yalar their mourning for the death princess last for dunno how long -.-

where's democratic lar choosing pm according to PAD's 'standard'

eh bra u knowu can buy chrsitmas tree for ur pet but i guess u dun have much coins hahaha -.-

Anonymous said...

this is what happenes when ppl with guns go against ppl without guns. they take it to the streets. or airport in this case. can hardly blame them.