Sound straight from the twilight
Has me up all night
I can't fall asleep 'cause I keep thinking of you
And I saw a shadow outside my window and it's you.

Ahaha 1st thing I heard the word twilight Estrella's lyrics and tune came to my mind. I mean how can you NOT like Estrella?


Anyway yes, I am blogging about the new hip in town. The Twilight novel and movie. Honestly, I have not read the book nor watch the movie. But this new 'phenomenon' has send chills to the core of my bone. I searched it up on the internet and very little information on it (maybe I got to the wrong places) except that the writer is a Mormon. -.-

I've been in the new age generation for ages to know the kind of tricks and tactics used Haha sound so old. But unlike Harry Potter, which is straight to the chase and research will tell you a lot of things about the witter and how she got inspirations from and heck even the magic 'chants and spell' in the book were like real practical magic. (as in people do practice those thing)

Of course if we were to debate which movie should we watch which movie we should not watch it will go on for ages and the only movie we are allowed to watch are probably the passion and also some old Christian movies. No, not narnia because narnia is fantasy right I mean talking animals don't exist?

With very little information about this book or movie, it's not fair if I condem it without knowing anything and informations are hard to come by these days. But usually a sudden world wide spun and millions of teens getting hooked to the phenomenon usually is very cunningly smart and usually dangerous. I say sudden because it is sudden. Just like how Harry Potter swept my generation off the ground, Just like how DaVincci code made a lot of whoohaaas, twilight is the in thing for the season. Come on. Vampire movie and stories isn't new and been there for decades by now there should be more than 100 vampire stories.

That is why we (especially leaders) have to be very careful with who and what we are dealing with here. Of course there is only so much we can do about it. Banning it would not work because people's will is strong. The only way is probably to educate them to probably to have an alert mind seperating the right and wrong. And not just jump up and down with bubbling joy and at the sound of Edward Cullen everyone faints.

With that I end with this...

Every season of 'new' 'cult' teaching or stories in came their own practices and religions. Look at the Jedi. They have Jedi lightsaber school, Jedi Church. With Harry Potter I am sure that many have begin looking towards practicing magic although this trend is kinda dying because Harry Potter might not be the in thing now. And now with Twilight, who knows what will happen next. And I state this not with sarcasm but that is how reality works.

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