Climbing the ministry ladder.

More often than not, we often compare success in church by how high you climb in the ministry ladder like for example.

A: So do you serve in your church
B: Yea as an usher
A: Oh

or, more often than not, you get asked this question

A: Do you play any instrument?
B: Yea?
A: Like guitar?

There are plenty more scenarios which you can pick. And it is not until recently that I realise that people judge your servant hood by how high you climbed in your church ministry. Or more so they wish to climb to be the CEO of the church rather than just a regular worker.

And the ministry that gets the highest point is of course the worship team. Somehow it is just great if you're on the worship team all other ministry is consider low class because worship team you get to be in front and 'serving' all the rest are not serving they are just merely doing some chores.

And then when they got into the worship team like for example as a backup they work tirelessly week after week after week hopeful to be upgraded to become a worship leader because as a backup you don't get the lime light and from there who knows what they want to become? Worship Director perhaps.

This is not just from the servants themselves. It is a Christian culture that we have crafted. Like wah you work so long still same place ar? Work harder get promoted. Or like eh when you go become senior pastor la?

We all failed to realise that we all need to be suited in our own roles in church whatever role God called us to be and performed it to the best. So what if our role is just to make sure that the toilet bowls are clean? So what if our role is to make sure people are happy when they walked in?

I have heard many praises (which I do not take credit for) but more than praises, somehow people thinks that I will move on with life and ministry as I grow older or they just think I should move to another ministry to suit my age probably. But that's not what my heart felt is. With young people.

I guess it is the period where I got shaped with principles and character no less thanks to Pastor Nirhal and during when I was a teen I made up my mind to contribute back one day and soon grew used to it, Like a 2nd nature and soon develop passion for it and now it has come to past. I took me a long while since I partially took office to redefine my passion and often also thought of moving along and going to other ministry. But I guess that long while lead me back to where I started and left off. It is like finding back your hobby and discovered that 'eh why did I abandon that hobby?'

So for the meantime I am not moving anywhere and I don't see myself moving anywhere in a span of few years and that's what I want to cultivate in people but then again, not everyone is called to do this. Maybe some other people's passion is really is to fit some other description. And to that I would say go for it. Don't look at serving as to something of a climbing ladder but rather doing it passionately. 

I dare say success does come with it. Afterall being on top of the ladder DOES mean you have the role and responsibility of a CEO, Manager but not that kind of PAY. So above all we should uphold this principle - Serve the Lord with gladness


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angeliCassie said...

Amen...feel like i just listened to you preach haha =)

was not aware of the climbing the minsitry ladder culture thingy..but now that i know,i would be more aware of it hehe.