Alright, I did not get my enough hours of sleep. Mainly because I worked too much for yesterday. I Vacuum, Mop the floor of the entire house (joe's new house) Yet there's still plenty of stuff to clean - the windows, the fans, the toilets, the cabinets...

I spent about 2 hours just plain cleaning. The area to cover is huge. While cleaning it, I was meditating on why the heck is only me that is helping him to clean. And I got so furious over it because I think of the amount of times Joe has helped someone else to clean, fetch them to church and home. helped them to shift their house, hanged out with them whenever they have no one to hanged out with and yet sparing 2 hours seems to be so hard. Of course not to mention to clean house takes energy.

Yes. The usual reaction would be like. Iyah. NVM la someone else will help him like John will be there and his boyfriends will be there. So thought I as well when I was resting before the big clean. I was totally taken aback when I reached there and find that he was alone. Heck you might even think I am blogging about someone else. The truth is, I am blogging about you. YES you. To think of it, there is not a single one that have not had Joe's help before.

I find it hard to accept that reality. Furthermore I've received sms saying that I should be resting more and passing the responsibility to someone else. Oh yea I should be resting more but how do I pass that responsibility to someone else when everyone is finding it hard to give time and energy?

Yes we take into consideration of parental issue. You can't come because of parents right? I know that. But come to think of it, Whenever parents wants help, they always come to youths and when we get that opportunity we all want to work for it because it is a good time to put good impression on the youths. Sadly though, when the youths need help, let the youths help the youths... right? oh no.. wrong. How is it possible to let the youths help the youths when no parents want to let their kids go?

Maybe it is the way the world works and I simply can't tolerate how the way the world works. I hope everyone is trying to make the world a better place. By giving yourself up as blessing rather than hoping someone else be a blessing to you. Truce.


Joleen said...

hope that joe house is done much now

Allen Tan 陈亚伦 said...

CNY spring cleaning. Don't know they help or not.

btw, the blog head "Blessed Christmas" should be updated to CNY now.