Facebook vs Flickr

Alright, Many of you are worshiping facebook for a simple reason - PHOTOS not just able to upload them and share them in an album but most importantly TAGGING people.

While facebook photo loads blazingly fast(er) comparing to the other image sites like flickr, it does comes with a catch. And the catch is, reducing the image quality of the photo.(almost 50%) Now, that normally we don't see with the naked eye. but the quality was sometimes so horrible that I can't stand it. I know many people can stand the torture of image quality but not me.

So I did a simple quality test and below are the results. I did nothing but only upload to facebook and flickr.



And you can almost see that the facebook's text isn't pure white but rather its greyish and there are a lot of lossness in the side of the text. Can see can see?

I must say this though, I think facebook has up its system that i was not like completely horrible like before. Hah. maybe when I free I shall do some photo test of it.

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