Welcome back to life

If you consider work as life, then yes welcome back to life. I have finally begin to feel the awesomeness of 2009. It started with a BANG as I shared on last Saturday.

For all I know, this year as any other year of mine recently is packed with uncertainty. For the years I was in school, it is certain alright, study and play and wait for the holidays. As you grow older though, you have more freedom and choice but that means that life is uncertain as well.

I don't know where I will head out and what it will bring all I know is that whatever it is, JUST BRING IT ON! I am gonna like travel lesser this year (ya right) and try to settle down more (ya right) and stop buying expensive stuff (ya right!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Anyway, don't frown upon the heavy school road traffic for they take away facebook traffic. Happy 2009 people! Now I really got to get myself back into working mood. Dang!


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Allen Tan 陈亚伦 said...


No, you should change your tone. You know life and death is in the power of our tongues?

If you curse 2009, it will be really bad for you then. Better renounce it.