Damoen Saduak Floating Market (2)

Ok since I didn't do enough justice to me bringing my heavy camera around and didn't really do much positive remark towards the floating market, Here is a jumbophlog for your craving soul (right) Read Damoen Saduak Floating Market (1) if you haven't, And enjoy the jumbophlog (jumbo photo log)

Floating currency exchange. Say WAH!

They may not have LV in the middle of Star Hill, But a floating version is anytime cooler than Star Hill version... NO?

PS: I've been thinking real hard in going pro in flickr. Should I?


Joleen said...


I like the green lady with green fruits!


well i think you should get better camera lense, then the greens will much sharper :)

flickr pro is nice, make your photos nicer :)

:: J o h n :: said...

Ahaha I think the green lady is agua. Old di