Damoen Saduak Floating Market (1)

There are many floating market in Thailand because they have many rivers and that's how they traded last time. But if you really really want to go, make sure you go to the biggest which is Damoen Saduak. (which actually isn't really that big)

IMHO, unless you want to

a) Kill some time
b) Make it your 'been there done that' life goals
c) Do a touristy tour
d) Show off to your friends with the picture you've taken which look like any other floating pictures

avoid the floating market altogether because it is just isn't worth it. But me and my family did it anyway because we are tired of shopping on foot so we just shop on water. Besides it is our 3rd day there and we need to kill some time, make sure I can scream that I've been there and show off my pictures.

Just how interesting is floating market? Let the people below tell you.

I don't know them and they will not speak here on my blog but based on their expression, you can guess how awesome is the trip.

I might as well also write on how to not get cheated in floating market although this pretty much apply to 'free and easy' travelers because if this is in the tour programme you're saved. Thank God for internet and travel blogs because without them I might most probably get cheated.

We hired a taxi to floating market and this is the itenary of the day for 2,000 baht or RM200

As tourism is bangkok is their main income for the country, Everyone wants to jump in to the bandwagon. And just being there a few days with taxi trips I sort of figure out that Thai ppl are not all genuine anymore.

As you can see in that image, we pay a whooping 2,000 baht for the taxi but it is alright as floating market is 2 hours from bangkok and that is by highway somemore -.- For 4 person it is not that bad. However the tour listed above does not include the admission fees etc. just taxi.

On the way to the floating market, we stopped by a small area where we saw a lot of tour bus also stopped by and its like an small empty area out of nowhere. Selling useless stuffs.

1.Coconut sugar 2.Fighting fish 3.Orchid 4.About Thailand VHS tape

Like who the heck will buy all those -.- Except maybe the Coconut sugar. Haha and onwards to the floating market

Taxi will most likely stop here. Immediately there will be someone to grab you and say 'boat to floating market' and keep dragging you. but thanks to my research which they say they were conned, I knew it was a fake. Its actually a private boat operator which they operate on their own and their fee is most likely gonna be 1000baht per person (according to research)

If you see no tour bus around, avoid it. The taxi driver will most likely pretend they don't know anything and say 'ya ya you sit boat here to floating market' truth is, they have a cut in commission. All you need to do is keep saying 'go straight' after that, Our taxi driver just smile at the lady at the place and mumble some cheeky words. Most likely 'sorry' or something

Thus, we reached to the real floating market after a 2minute drive and true enough there were buses around. We were approached again by another lady this time it does not seem like she's evil so we nego the price with her down to 150baht (RM 15) per person

They will ask you if you want the speedboat or hand row. Choose hand row because motor is twice the price you are most likely gonna be stuck in the JAM and the boat person will use rowing to get through the jam so in the end its not difference -.-"

Reason #1 - not to go floating market

If the jam does not demotivate you, check this - the actual length of the real floating market is only about 500m in length.

Reason #2 - not to go floating market

If the jam and the reason #1 still does not demotiveate you, 80% of what they sell is souvenirs of which 79.9% you will most likely find in Jatujak or Suan lum night bazaar

Reason #3 - not to go floating market

If the jam, reason #1 and #2 does not demotivate you, just know that they will 1st fetch you to a land shop somewhere away from the real floating market and you will have to go down and just make a trip there and they most likely sell you some useless stuff again.

1.Coconut sugar again. This time free test 2.Cowboy hats 3.Rice tongs? 4.Floating market wood display.

Clearly, a lot of stuffs are full of dust when I saw it. My bro commented that why they are so poor is because they are so stupid that they actually manufactured and sells things that people don't need or don't want in the 1st place.

And when you are done with your 'shopping' you will then return to your boat. And clearly there are some sitting at the pier recording the boats that leaves. And they seems to be looking at your hand and see if you bought something. If you do. Tada~ commission to the boatman (clever right?) This is just my assumption la.

The most annoying thing is perhaps

The floating market is ABSOLUTELY empty by the time we dock. What the heck. But I guess the fun was to just jam and experience how the ancient Thai ppl jam up to trade.

After a quick noodle, we hastily make a move towards the exit.

Only end up with more stalls on the way out. Yep you guessed it... selling the same souvenirs. My brother have to get a shirt because some motor fella was angry and splash the river water towards us. Gee

Taxi then brought us to an elephant village nearby which was in the itinerary. I was like oh cool only to find out that

It cost a whooping 600baht per person to go through a 30 minutes elephant ride. Rental of elephant sure don't come cheap these days.

Next on our list is Rose garden. I was like cool maybe I can get some nice shots there and give my girlfriend rose photos. But only to be a resort kinda thing where they have cultural and elephant show GRRRR with no rose. Darn it. But anyway we had to eat our lunch so was force to take their buffet lor at 450baht a person. Not that we can help it. Very little variety, very run down place. With no sign of flowers (maybe just not time for it to bloom yet)

But they have a floating market inside rose garden as well.

Only about 50m long and 10m wide. Poor hotel staffs have to sit in that boat and sell things that once again tourist don't need like veg. Clearly those are just for display.

Right after that, we still have crocodile farm but I told our driver to take us to Siam Paragon. I can't take this any longer I am going mad. And this is why I don't follow tour groups they make you look stupid -.-

Well anyway, I enjoyed my trip (or at least my finger did by pressing the shutter) And definately love the fact that I can say 'been there done that!' I have lots more photo of floating market but that will be in the next post because this post is already too long ahaha.

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