Grand Palace and China Town

If you haven't been to Thailand, It is the utmost chaotic city you can be in. Coming from an already chaotic city, I can say this one also hard to tahan! That explains why the last time I was in Bangkok just for a day I thought I already seen it all.

Everything is just MESSY (coming from a messy person myself) The its just jam pack with stuffs and people and cars and signboards. Just few hours out in the street you feel tired even when you don't do anything because your eyes are just so worn out.

After we have left our hotel, we took a train and head up to the River (Yes the river is still the fastest mode of transportation after the train).

The ferry boat

Tha Tien (no.8) Pier You can stop at this pier and take a walk all the way to the palace. There're a lot of selling of stuff (mostly useless). Sometimes you'll find cool stuffs.

Like fanta ice sticks. They totally rocked. Simple they just freeze the fanta's (Think F&N)

Me sucking the strawberry Fanta ice sticks. They are very cheap about 2 - 5 baht. That's erm 20-50 cents.

Passed by this girl who played the traditional instrument like Chinese 'gu chen' and she absolutely is good. So good that she gave me a long smile for my camera while she still plays. She's way better than me in my guitar. I gave her 20baht for her talent and smile.

Some sign

Again the big bling bling. I've reached the garden of the palace and once again was wondering around without entering the 2nd garden. The 2nd garden requires you to pay 350baht so we decided to give it a pass. There's nothing much to shoot where I stood because its just too pack with tourist.

China Town

And then we moved on to another place. We got seperated and wasted almost 40 minutes finding each other. And took the ferry back to Ratchaburi pier (Pier 6 for those interested) This is where the China town is located. It's again another big market. I hit like 4 markets altogether and this is the 1st market. The China Town

Unlike China Town in Kuala Lumpur, this China Town is super huge. And messy... just look at all the wires hanging across.

Part of China Town. They have alot of chinese words but don't ask them to read because they can't. Btw it says gold shop and they have like a lot of them and they are cheap I suppose. One shop even have to close their shop with jam packed customers inside selecting gold.


I had enough of this and took really little photos because my eyes and mind were tired but this is where you find a lot of stuffs for a cheap price. Like petaling street but only bigger and more varieties.

China town is also where you buy warehouse stuffs. There's one street packed with warehouse stuff and I bought something out of it. No I can't show you. Maybe in future I will. And its cheap. Warehouse teddys warehouse almost anything. Oh the prices are usually fixed. You can hardly find tourist there so I suppose the prices are for locals

Again you'll find wet market almost anywhere there's a dry one

And I bought this. This are erm 'am chun' egg that chinese love just that they made it into a telur mata and gosh they are too cute not to be bought. Taste like chicken egg.

This is absolutely huge... So huge that I could almost bow down and say long live the king

The Chinese in Thailand might have lost their language but they certainly did not lose the crave for sharkfin. This one cost 50,000baht that's Rm5k

Another shark fin

I am not sure if you want to eat it after you see it being displayed like this.

The Hualumpong station at the end of China town. It is an very old station and it is where we board our train back to our hotel. It is a very tiring day because I've walked much and seeing chaos just makes one tired.

Next up: Suan Lum Night Bazaaaaaaaaar


angeliCassie said...

bro john why you flirting with the gu zhen girl HAHA

:: J o h n :: said...

I wasn't flirting ok. She was concentrating and when she saw me taking picture she gave the best smile I have seen.

frachely said...

spotted: dalmatian pig got skinned!!!

:: J o h n :: said...

Haha Bra... that was really funny