Shopping in Suan Lum

There's only 2 things you would want to do in Bangkok

1) Temple visit
2) Shop!!!!!

Since I don't do temple visit, the only options left is to shop and Suan Lum Night Bazaar is to quench your crave if Jatujak/Chatucak and every other day market can't quench. Being located slightly out of town, it is one place you probably won't visit because of its location. But because it is just 10 minutes walk from my hotel and enticed by its 3700 shops , we went there.

Heck it is so good that I went back the following night! (Most photos are from the 2nd night which only me and my bro went)

One of many entrance. Like all good market, it comes with a map which I currently loan it to someone else. Or not I'll put one map up here.

Well, we had our dinner there. Nothing really much except they have a great band playing there.

The lead guy is playing the instrument the little girl was playing back then. He was totally grooving to the music. They are simply awesome. They play english songs like Fly Me to The Moon kind and very good at it. No vocals.

The night bazaar is same same as any night bazaar here or you could say pasar malam in stores but everything is cheaper over there and you get good stuffs really.

Some bags.

They have almost everything in the night bazaar from the food to massage that cost 200baht.

What I like there though, was their 'art' and 'interior design' section. (Yes they do have sections and printed out on the map)

They sorta have a very mordern preference to their design. Though this gallery uses some cheap technology that I can do on illustrator, It is still enjoyable looking at it.

Just look at the various tissue disppensers -.-

Not sure if this is part of the deco or for sale.

Heck they even have the 1966 Ball Chair furniture. In a Pasar Malam! A piece of furniture I've been hunting up and down here.

Did I buy something? Yes I did.

Shopping in Thailand 101

See, shopping in Bangkok isn't that fun anymore. Back then they weren't smart in doing business but now they are absolutely good at it using their female sexy voice enticement and unwilling to reduce the price, it is hard. I tried and fail (I am bad at negotiating) so what do you do if you're like me who can buy and not regret?


Shop at shops that put price tags on their items. Chances are that's the final price. Usually they'll at a 'no bargain please' below their offer price.

If you're in a relationship, you got to check out this shop. It is located somewhere in section A-2 if I wasn't wrong why?

They sell couple Tee. And very cheap. 220-240baht that's Rm22-24 polo tees abit more though. But for a nicely packaged one set cost that cheap. And believe me you can't find this cheap anywhere because I've been asking around.

Heck! I've even saw the same couple tee design in pyramid today and they clearly have thai words printed below the box and I ask about the price it is priced at Rm59.90.

Needless to say, I walked of with 2 box of that in Suan Lum. The lady told me that even if I buy 10 there will be no further discount. More funnily was that there was a few Indon chinese who arrived at the shop when I was about to leave saying. 'AHHHH here so cheap. Just now I bought at the other shop so expensive!!!.... Same design!!!'

I continued to walk around with my brother and stumbled upon this light balls. And they are gorgeous. They price at Rm 10 again fixed price as written on the cardboard. And I walked away with 2 packs.

Then I went and sit and chill with my bro at Doi Tung cafe drinking coffee and enjoy somemore before heading back to hotel at 11.


frachely said...

please tell me u didnt buy any couple tee (-__- ")

eh are u still wearing braces?

:: J o h n :: said...

yea clearly reflected out on the family pic that I still had braces on. Don't ask. Don't Mention... I know its long

And yes I bought 2 couple tee hahaha for a cheap price, who wouldn't. Not wearing it anytime soon lol

Joleen said...

haha actually the doctor like him so wan to see him more.. LOL..

yea he bought 2 couple tee.. n donno when to wear it yet lol