Jatujak Weekend Market

Or you can say... Chatucak. Dosen't really matter. Now if you must do your shoppings in bangkok, Just go to Jatujak and be done with it. Seriously. With 9000++ stalls and shops what else do you want la? But it is only weekend. Open at like 10 to like night but go around 12 because most stalls and tourist will arrive by then.

I walked into Jatujak and walked out 2-3 hours later empty handed. Not because there was nothing to buy, but really I don't know what to buy and everyone look uninterested so I snapped pictures instead. But then I realise that one also very few pictures Urgh!

Going there is simple. There's a train station nearby. And I go from my hotel so its fast. It is amazing how the government can ban people from smoking even in a open area. This is a new law that was just approved for less than a year and really you hardly see people smoke.

There's many entrance to the market just make sure you know what gate you came from or you can go to the info counter and get yourself a map. Yes they have map.

Just how it looks like. Yes it looks like another pasar malam. Only bigger!

There's many lanes inside the market and you could get lost so remember to get the map.

It must be their strawberry season. I didn't get to try but they look red.

Obama has made it big in Thailand. Doubt he will make it here.

Orange juice. Totally sweet, no added water, mandrin orange, makes you go crazy.

Pop on my 50mm manual lens and everything looked perfecto!

I love their wood work. Hmm I bought it the last time round so not going to buy again.

Stopped down the aperture and the photograph became so much more detailed!

Hopping kangaroos.

Oh those colourful chimes. Its my wallpaper now.

That's it from Jatujak. You have to just go explore it to understand the massness of it. Next on my list is probably the last shopping guide I've done and it is the floating market. Yes, I went to the floating market so make sure you check that out the next post =)

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jayjayy said...

i have a market named after me, J.J
that's freakin' awesome! LOL.

oh btw, i love your strawberry shot.. it's makin me drool ... i loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee strawberries. they loook so.. delicious and juicy. dang mang.