Rising up to take their faith?

Ok something more serious a bit.

I worship led today in youth. Its been a while since I did that and even though I am serving practically every week, worship leading is always a challenge in youth. I decided to leave the light on this week as maybe I thought a different environment would yield different results. Maybe it was a wrong choice but at least I can see them.

Nah, I can't compare as I hardly can see them in the dark and haven't been downstage in a long long while. As I worship led, I knew the challenges but as usual I play 'press the accelerator no matter what happen'

You know as funny as it may seem, Sometimes we sing songs that have irrelevant verses and irrelevant meanings in the lyrics but play tembak only. And as I sing, I cam across the verse 2 of the song 'Hosanna'

"I see a generation, rising up and take their faith" I immediately lost my train of worship and kicked into train of thoughts as my mouth kept mumbling the rest of the song. I began to open my eyes and look at the generations that were below stage and I began to think deep and ask myself. Do I really have faith and believe in that? Or am I just simply mumbling someone else's lyrics just because it is located nicely in verse 2.

As I began to really see more I began to root a deeper faith and say hey I do really see a generation that will take their faith one day and that's why we are here for to help to grasp hold of the word faith. Come on young people... if you are reading this, rise up! Your time is now!

Sometimes songs works in wonderful ways like helping you to see beyond what you currently see. I pray and hope that this bunch of young people will rise up fast


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Joleen said...

nice thoughts :) o well off stage is much better to sing on stage MUAHAHHA.