"Tak apa, I trust you"

In Thailand, I've learnt that to bribe a cop depending in situation you need to pay 100baht that is equivalent to RM10. In Malaysia however, you can't get away that easily you need at least RM50 to bribe a traffic police.

That is very hard to be blame. An average low ranked cop of any field would earn a total of RM700-900 a month. And no less thanks to the NEP which with many various schema promise a huge percentage of return to any bumiputra and that in turn create a lot of family with many children. The police too, is no exception. With that little to spend and a huge family to feed, it is no wonder that they usually go round with their motorbikes and do sales on their own.

I am not talking about any sales but you know bribing. With that, they'll seize any customers they see potential, approach them and with a smile on that face ask you "Kenapa pakai handpon?" (Why do you use the handphone?). I on the other hand wasn't in a very nice mood and knowing that I am not guilty reply harshly to him. Instead of bersopan-santun, I say "BOS mana ada pakai hanpon? Saya je letak tangan macam ni tak boleh ke?" (Boss, I did not use handphone, I only put my hand like this cannot ar?) This is also part of my habit of resting my elbow on the window pane and putting my hand on my forehead.

He did not hesitate to smile back and say "Tadi I dari belakang dah ikut lama ade tengok you pakai" (I follow behind just now and see you've been using). I had just finish my client duty, on my way back just cleared a distance of jam with harsh and frustrating tone reply hastily.

He then demanded my license and IC of course I would comply to it and toke out my safety belt because Its so hard to reach. And after that he just say... "OK tak ape, I saman you handpon dengan tali keledar" (OK nevermind, I summon you for using handphone and not putting on seatbelt) Ok I was beyond boiling and answer "kenapa pulak saman tali keledar pulak?" (Why you summon me for not putting on the seat belt?) After a while he was "convinced" that I had my seatbelt on before I took out my wallet.

Then he uses his last move to pitch the sales by using threat of course. He said he would summon me with handphone and said "it's ok you can explain to the court later bring your lawyer along" Like heck I would do that. I keep showing my frustrating face and say "IYOH" Then I showed him my handphone call out, received call and missed call and none of them were in the range where he said I was using. And clearly the customer do not want to accept his sales tactic and hastily he said "Tak apa, I trust you... lain kali kalau nak dengar handpon you stop tepi OK?" (It's ok then I trust you, next time if you use handphone please stop at the road side).

I was like what the? I suppose he is afraid too if this goes on I would take his number or probably just walk out and punch him or something. Afterall my license and IC had face you do not want to mess with. And clearly I am buffer than him in every part of my body.


On another occassion, My friend Aaron was also stopped by police with reason that you would really go out and punch the police. He was taking the round about taking a 9oclock turn that is just turning left. He was stopped because he broke the law with police saying he can't do that as it is dangerous. He have to take the roundabout, go one round and exit the place he want to exit. He did not budge at all when police keep saying he want to summon. He was ready to take the summon and the police let him go.


On another occasion, I heard that my cousin is out of jail already. He was sentence to a life sentence for committing crime that is beyond repair. He is a drug lord. (NO kidding my cousins are pretty much 'gu wak chais') and for that freedome all he had to do was pay an upfront of RM30,000 and the case is wiped off. My first reaction was... That's pretty cheap to buy a life. My 2nd reaction was stupid people no wonder they never can get rich. Charge at least 100K - 1M la. Afterall these drug lords are very much loaded what is RM30,000 to them?

Now my cousin is out in the wild selling drugs again perhaps. But last I heard he is no longer in Malaysia. No, I don't know my cousin. I've seen him but never talked to him.

So the moral of the story is, if you know you're not wrong, stand your ground because justice wins in the end and if you're in the wrong, you better have RM30,000** floating cash in your bank because that can buy you out from jail.

**Prices may vary depending on situation
**Price is subject to change without prior notice
**Kamunting jail is probably most likely excluded

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frachely said...

thats why the singaporean keep saying its scary to drive to msia cuz the police would accuse you for nth -.- and the worst part is i cannot deny that *aih* sungguh amat sangat mensiasueikan