Earth Hour

The Earth Hour

Adults despise it calling it stupid.
Youths and Children embraced it thinking it is an awesome movement.
Business either fall on either side.

To what extend of earth hour happening in Malaysia will be a success? I have some opinions telling me it is stupid because the amount of advertising spent is enormous. The radio, the tv, the internet... could cost more than an hour of light offing. Actually, I think ORG has some certain amount of discount on all these but that's beside the point. But I think an hour of light offing on KLCC alone can save a whole lot of CO2

I always loved WWF efford in helping the environment but I especially loved their advertisments creativity in helping awareness.

So this is yet another big advertisement from the WWF gang.

This is also means a sell out for venues for business owners especially shopping centres. Of course it depends which type of customers you're targeting, The hip and young or the not so hip and not too young.

Last year the program failed. I hope this year it will at least have some success. So the world don't look at us as environment destroyer, vote us bad on green peace and cut business ties with us. To sin against the world is a terrible thing.

Do I embrace it? Yeah sure I do. I love protecting environment despite the fact that our efforts are in vain, But I still do love to protect the environment.

I also think that this is one of the tools (besides olympic) That gels the whole world together. In peace and same mind at least temporarily the huge success of common goal will be celebrated all over the world.

So what's not to like in this? Sure we do not know how much do we save or how well does this weight the outcome of advertising but getting some done is better than getting none... I am offing my lights I am not home anyway hehe.

I think it will be much more efficient of we have earth hour by not driving, not smoking and not using our air cond for one hour. It'll work


Allen Tan 陈亚伦 said...

They only say lights off, but not any other electric powers.

frachely said...

from what I read, this movement is not really abt how much we energy we can save during that 1 hour, but more about voicing out to the Gov (er, in terms of aust and other countries where ppl's voice actually mean something haha)

It IS an advertisement, to create awareness for global warming. And it served its purpose i think because at least for that one hour, ppl actually think about global warming.