I am engaged!!!!!!!

Well to the readers out there I mean 20 of you who reads my blog lol

Yes I did proposed and I am engaged. I did not mention to anyone that I was going to because there is enough rumour that I am getting married this year. -.-"

No, I am not getting married this year and probably will be end of next year and depending on the end of the global economy crisis. The reason why I proposed early is because I want to get things done earlier to sort out the venue and things like that. I already got my cake topper done (see pic on top) I hand painted it. It doubles as proposal gift how cool.

We already had some discussion on wedding plans as you can see we got our colour theme set lol. I feel odd discussing wedding plans before getting engaged so that is why also I proposed. Details would most likely be blogged out but for now... Let's be happy together gether ok? =)


angeliCassie said...

Congratulationsssss =D

i is flower girl.i is also play piano girl.shud i start learning how to use the DSLR now?o.O

haha i'm just glad you guys got engaged woohooo..and and nice cake topper =) it's never too early to plan ahead!

Natalie said...


frachely said...

Congratulazioni! (because I AM different -.-)

eh u should probably hold the wedding during the crisis cuz this is when prices are cheaper.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations john tan! on making this commitment of life ;)
dios le bendice!

Charlotte Hew

ying shing said...
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ying shing said...

congratulations again!!!
big boy d...if u need any ideas maybe can help out abit also...just like wat we did just now.....^^

:: J o h n :: said...

Walao Ying Shing... 1st comment on my blog hahaha u blog also? hehe

Yea probably when I need input or what then we can discuss. Thanks... =)

Anonymous said...

Take good care of her - my cousin.