Pattaya Walking Street

When I mentioned Pattaya of course the 1st reaction was to say "Pattaya Fried Rice!"

Well, sorry to disappoint, but there is no such thing as Pattaya fried rice in Pattaya. Yes it was a Malaysian creation and yes, this photo is taken in Malaysia.

Sometimes you just got to go all out into the unknown and get shot down. With my extensive research done on Bangkok, I had hardly anytime to do Pattaya. In fact, even if I wanted to, there's just not enough information on the internet so it is a do or die thing and it is a good experience because I was completely blown away. All I know was that it was famous for its night clubs.

So what kind of place is Pattaya? Well, if you look at what they sell in their clinic, you'll know what kind of place is Pattaya.

By selling viagra as their hot item and they have HIV blood test. So you can sort of guess what kind of place it is.

Pattaya was made famous thanks to the Americans who came here to R&R during the Viet war and find prostitutes that gave Pattaya its flavour. And today, Many of the soldiers do return and Many other countries' soldier come to Pattaya to find love. Old Men + Love = Viagra. You can almost see that each of the older whites have a Thai girlfriend if they don't have their wife with them.

We stayed near the beach but everyone has got to visit the club area when they are in Pattaya because the neon lights there are just so beautiful.

At 1st, we decided to skip the club area as it is a sin city and we scared to fall into temptation (Right). But it just sound notorious to us. But as we could not find dinner near our place, I suggest we go anyway and I didn't regret. Infact, it is quite safe to visit that area as many families bring their children there as well of course they follow tour la haha.

The place is so neon-infested that their version of tuk tuk has got neon lights on them.

That infamous area is called - Walking Street and it is just one stretch of road which is longer than the floating market but I suppose is slightly around 800m filled with clubs, bars and seafood restaurant.

At first we walked through some alley that didn't seemed interesting. But as soon as we finished that alley and reached the Walking Street, WHOA!

It was just filled with people and neon signboards and musics. It is just crazy. Of course there are plenty of indecent signboards around. Its hidden somewhere along the the many signboards.

Yes we get the point. You don't really have to spell it so many times...

Yea pretty sight isn't it? It's like Las Vegas or like NYC or like some comic book glow. With plenty of pharmacy to complete your night.

You can't miss Lucifer in places like this. Quite the contrary, it is quite easy to find...

Most of the bars and clubs have open concept. Means it is an open area and it is made perfect for people to sit at the bars overlooking more people. It also means, you can see the 'preview' of A go gos for free

This one for example got people stopping on Walking Street. Looking carefully, it says, 'Only Europeans Girls' and looking more carefully, you can see a lady dancing behind the glass. They change dancers like every 10 minute. But nothing of stripping is seen. Of course that you have to pay to watch.

Every bar is fitted with dancing poles but no live actions was seen when we got there. I think they are still pretty sober.

Phew... thankfully with so many A go go sellings, we can be sure where to find the real ones. or maybe not.

Everyone is hard selling. With cheap beers and everything.

Yea that too.

Infact there are many people walking around and instead of carrying DVD they carry photos of girls asking you which one you want.

We walked from end to end and walked back again.

You can get some quick fix of drinks in variety form if you don't want bear. Oh look starbucks can be seen at the back not something that you see a lot in Thailand.

VW bus converted into mini bar. Nice.

Quick fix.

Of course, bars and clubs is not the only entertainment in Walking Street. Infact, Seafood varieties are also dominating snatching eyes with big neon signs.

Some as big as Lucifer sign. Complete with evil lobster colour.

No party is completed with pharmacy and no hotel. This hotel goes by the hour I suppose because it says long stay available.

There is just so much love over at Walking Street that the mascot of some Ice-Cream shop is also looking for some forbidden love.


Joash Wee said...

Vegas indeed!

Oh, and grab Joe along ;)

:: J o h n :: said...

Aha Joe need a girlfriend indeed

Joleen said...

yea joe go there n find gf :P