The proposal story

Ok so over a month ago, I proposed to Joleen and I did it all here...

Yes there. No not in the jungle but in one of the cable car. How did I came about using that? 1 fine day as I woke up I just decided to do it. Actually that one fine day goes way beyond to last year actually. But the idea of cable car came out only slightly after Chinese New Year.

After all the romantic story of how my friend Beatrice got proposed and how my other friend Philip booked the entire cinema, I decided that I actually don't have money to do so. So I decided to stick to my usual 'weird john' style and woke up one morning and said. Cable Car!

And so, I set out to buy the ring from the place that sells the most awesome rings

Ok NO I did not buy from Ringz World. I usually research a lot about stuff before I buy but it so happen I did not have that intention so I just walked into Diamond Boutique from Poh Kong and walked out with a ring within 20 minutes.

why poh kong? I don't know the shop caught my eye. And every ah sam will walk into Poh Kong and buy jewelery.

This was way before the proposal happened. It was 9th of February.

Of course I invited her to play in Genting way way way before I bought the ring. Like in January.

Then it was the part of working out the script. Initially I planned to just use the ring and on the way down just ask her. Simple enough. Then! I saw wedding cake toppers that they sell over at ETSY. So I got a plan.

and painted myself. So this is me. I am so joyous when I finish painting me and seriously kept smirking for days. Ok Freaky.

It was not easy to do so because it is so small that I failed twice. But I finally did it and tada...

So back to the story. My initial script was suppose to take out me. And then take out her

With the ring on top her head. But I decided that this is going to be a 'do or die' so I decided to just straight give her, her.

So after we done playing in Genting, I sneaked into the toilet and use tack-it to tack the ring to the head. HAHA and then we proceed to cable car.

At 1st I got a car to myself. Then some Malay dude wanted to come in I ask can I have the car to myself? He said ok and got out. Then really sui lor the entire cable car system STOPPPPPPED for like 5 minutes (They usually stop if for old people or some maintainance thing going on) And some uncle wanted to come up.

I used the same excuse again, but this time the stupid cable car jaga ask them go in la. I tot of wanting to tip that old jaga. But figured that he don't really understand if I give him tip -.-

So bo bian. we go down still. Then I pop the question. (Ok if you're wondering if I got on my knees, NO.) Haha because It was cramp. So all I did was whisper the question and took out the doll. And she whisper back yes. And that was it I put the ring on her hand. Tada.

I don't think the uncles behind figured that out. She was stunned for very very long time after that and that's how I proposed.

We drove down to Pyramid after that to get her ring size corrected

We had Sushi Zanmai and we took sticker photo for the 1st time. RM18 for a piece gosh. I am so gonna open this business...


frachely said...

eh I don't know what to say ler hmm ok good job! bra! *pats John on the shoulder

I don't think happy surprise = lotsa $$ spent :) it's the thought and how you do it that counts.

rosechrysanthemummint said...

after reading this,
i smiled and i wanted to leave a comment and so i did.

keep loving Joleen more and more
with the best effort you can give.
May God bless you two and your families.

:) best wishes!