The photos I owed

Yes I owe a lot people photos and that didn't do them justice. More subtitles less text ok?

So here it is. I will post 2 events in 1

Ok on 2nd of January I brought some of the youth leaders out because they worked hard for retreat and I had to take a day off so.

1st I brought them to my favourite chee cheong fun and yong tau foo shop. Love them as usual.

We totally went into LV shop. For the 1st time. Jakun giler. XP were like stunned for the rest of the day after he saw the RM220,000 bag. Actually we were quite stunned also la.

Ok this is a Fabel Castel changgih pen. I don't know somehow Malaysian made is just erm not that changgih to me but the price list of RM 11,800 caught my eye. Starhill was just amazing.

Anyway, we did very little picture shooting but here is what I have

We went to Pavilion because Feli & XP & Steph never did go there before I think.

Everyone sits on the Pavilion stairs for some reason. So we sat too.

Then we went to ZEN by Secret Recipe and sat down and talk about youth stuff. Haha this is me and XP lol the gay pose

Felicia giving the press release look HAHA

And from my 50mm. the BOKEHNESS is just amazing =) Love that lens!!!

Also, in the not so far distant back, some of us went to erm NEWAY Karaoke. I hate Karaokes but went anyway -.-

Christine and Joash duet.

Debbie look like some Malay artiste with that baggy shirt

This the reason why I never agree with close door Karaoke. You do nonsense. Good thing you both not in politics, guys.

I don't think they appreciate my rapping skills.

Ahhh the Backstreet Boys post. Love Joash's face HAHA

Ok done. Time to get my proposal up eh?


rosechrysanthemummint said...

hi lo!

angeliCassie said...

bro johnnn yes the proposal post pls!