SMKSU trip

I know this is very very long time ago. But thanks to my not so rajin blog, It has been delayed.

After my Thailand trip, I joined my friends (which I help part plan) in a school trip suggested by none other than Kimberly We are joined by some friends in which we got to know soon after.

We stayed in PD in one big apartment in Casa Rocado.

1st day when we got there we straight go down to Malacca to eat and play. Mana tahu because of our smartness we used the trunk roads to go Malacca and that took us super long.

We were the last batch to eat at Fatt Kee. Their Chicken rice ball is still as good.

My crazy friends.

They all wore jerseys. They are all from different team. Swt

Crazy me

We walked to Red House. The Guys

The girls

Me and my good bud Chen Fei. Since Form 1

Shin Yuen and her poses.

Kimberly emo when we decided not to go up to st.paul's ruin because it was already drizzling and a rain is coming.

After the rain ended, we walk the Jonker walk again


Shin Yuen and her poses.

The 'bing tong wu lo' girls. HAHA

After walking around seeing every stall and shop also close liao we go find sate celop we suppose to find that whatever la find so long, got lost so long and gave up and go capitol in the end. We reached at 11 lined up for 30 minutes. Dang

Angku and Fuan Lik queuing

Crazy crowd can? So nice meh?

Kimberly and her poses.

Me and my satay. That's it. We reached back PD at 2 and I slept straight.

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