Port Dickson Day 2-3

I didn't have a lot of mood taking pictures and besides, Shin Yuen and Jim keep taking my DSLR go play so I took very little picture the following days

We did banana boat ride which cost RM10 per person. And like that they are R140 richer for throwing you out the boat.

After the swim in the ocean we hit the pool in our apartment. It was kinda awesome. I like this shot. Almost seems like I am showing off to impress girls. -.-

I chilled and slept almost the whole day because was too tired and the Bangkok Pattaya trip had hit me and by the time I woked for lunch, it's 3... and I slept again

Woke up and went round and found this restaurant. We just sat and order food.

Me and Jo

Glad my RM60 mat is being used a lot. We were all tired after that and I slept real early because I was once again, tired.

The next day, as usual, they ate breakfast and they went swimming. I did not leave the apartment from the point I woke because I just needed to rest some more. It was a beautiful day. Although it seems that I spent my days on the bed, I do love this trip because it brought all the friends together and talking about stuff like we'd used to. It seemed like we never grown

And then right before we knew, its like lunch time and we hunt down that KFC and ate there

That's after the KFC meal

And soon after, everyone left for their own respective home. But turns out we met again at the rest stop and we did this Jump. AHA

Great times. Ok that's it. Ended

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Joleen said...

waaa i miss the time.