Black Shirt Day

It is Black Shirt Day or Black 7 or whatever you called it.

I chose to wear blue instead because I am running around today and not like I want to get clamp down while running around. But my point here is this...

I am sick of politics already. Wanna puke.

I am the most patient of my kind. Really. I am longer lasting than most. Young people these days gets distracted really fast if you don't already know. Give us something or we'll just say forget it. Right now, I say forget it.

Truth is this, it takes an entire generation to change the country. And that means old folks, we gonna do this without you. Yes, without you Najib and the BN gang. Yes even without you Anwar, Lim Kit Siang, Lim Guan Eng, karpal, Awang etc etc. Why? because you all have been up there playing your cards against each other that it is sickening. Another By-Election, Mogok at assembly meeting in hope for a fresh election. Like what the heck? All over again...

So don't think BN people are cunning, The opposition is also cunning. In the end? We lost. Opposition always claim they are fighting for the people. Truth is, they are fighting for their own name, their own seats and more so, POWER.

God did make sense after all to wait for the entire generation to die before sending Isreal to Canaan. So will promise land come to us? Yeah when the old folks have no more card to play.

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Joleen said...

Ah true,

I am sick of them too even though i not following politics. I am so much agree on even opposition party somehow is wanting to fight for their own benefit rather than really want to bless the nation. Well i believe there are also genuine people even in both parties who really work to serve the people.

well how?? donno, pray n wait for the right one to rise up LOL.